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abed alrahman fansah

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Hello sir

My name is Abed Alrahman Fansah, and iam 26 years old. i have been working in the hospitality industries for more than 10 years for now, i have worked in some leading companies in the business in lebanon, and i have made my way from bus boy to floor manager, gaining in the process the skills needed to lead my team and over come any situation i face, also i have established a good relation based on trust and respect with all my collegue throw the years, but iam a business marketing student in arab open university, and i still have 1 year to graduate, there for my hospitality jobs were just a way to make a living and support my family and pay for my education. but now iam looking to do some thing different, something that can help and change the world, something meaningfull that satisfy the world and my self. hopping that i find my search in your establishment.


Abed Alrahman Fansah