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Diana Haddadin

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Diana Zuhair Haddadin

P.O Box: 831120 Amman 11183

Tel : 06 5510566 or  Mob:0777454346 or  0777717118

Email: [email protected]

PROFESSIONAL  EXPERIENCE__________________________________________________

Sisterhood Is Global Institute Jordan, Communication and Outreach Program Officer: Jan, 2013 to present


-          Responsible to communicate on regular basis with international or regional donors by sending details reports on projects and programs.

-          Design new projects and seek for funding opportunities related to women human rights issues.

-          Responsible to follow all correspondences related to projects progress and implementation with key partners and donors.

-          Being as a core staff member in the organization and responsible to conduct planning committee meeting on regular basis.

Jordan Civil Society Program (CSP/AED), Disability Rights Program Officer: October 2010-May 2012

Reporting responsibilities:

·         CRPD Reporting: Provide support for DPOs (disabled persons organizations) and activists engaged in the development of the first shadow report on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), including organizing training workshops and consultation sessions around the Kingdom, as well as contribute to research and analysis as required.

·         Women and Disability Rights Project: Support the design of the women and disability rights program, including drafting of concept paper, identification of NGO women’s rights partners and women activists with disabilities, as well as liaise with the women’s rights coalitions engaged in the CEDAW shadow reporting process to integrate CRPD findings related to women with disabilities.

·         Coordinate all data collection for monitoring and evaluation for the disability rights component in cooperation with team members and coordinate all related requirements with CSP M&E team.  Contribute to the drafting of weekly and monthly reports and serve to update the NGO database list on monthly basis within disability rights component.

 Grant Management responsibilities:

·         Design Disability Rights Grants: Coordinate with the CSP grants team to finalize the design of this grants program, including RFA materials as well as implementation and logistics of the grant solicitation workshops. Review all proposals and participate as a non-voting member of the grant evaluation committee.  Organize action planning workshops and follow up with grantees on design of milestones and deliverables.  Liaise between CSP finance team and short-listed grantees on budgets. 

·         Maintain close communication with DPOs and NGO partners working in the field of disability rights. 

 Higher Population Council - HPC

Aug,2008 – Nov, 2010 : Strategic Planning and business development coordinator

 Strategic Planning responsibilities

·         Responsible to design the master plan for the HPC in accordance to the strategic objectives. And work closely with the finance department to draft the budget and define the budget gaps.

·         Able to integrate the Demographic opportunity requirements (national needs) into the interventions to be undertaken by HPC and able to design the strategy for HPC on how to build partnerships that contribute to achieve the national goals within the Demographic Opportunity context.

·         Assist the staff to produce HPC progress reports (administration and finance) which presented to HPC Secretary General, steering committees, partners and donors. Follow up the recommendations of each report to help drafting policies/ or request of change in plan.  

·         Participated in developing the final version of Operational program (2009-2011) of the National Agenda  with MOP in three sectors (Health, community development, training and employment sectors).

 Project management and Monitoring and Evaluation

·         Worked closely with a consultant to build up the Monitoring and Evaluation system for the Council.

·         Supervise three projects managed by HPC funded by UNFA and WHO. Responsible to draft the technical reports related to achievements and worked closely with the finance unit to draft the finance report and ensure on all supported documents needed to payments.

·         Responsible to develop M&E plan for each project carried out by HPC units in order to track the implementation and follow up the recommendations resulted from monthly reports.

·         Responsible to handle steering committees meetings for two projects (population researches and studies center and the reproductive health action plan committee), this required to send invitations, confirmation and prepare meetings agendas and venues,  the handouts, presentations and taking notes which were shared with committee members after each meeting.

 Human Resources management

·         Supervising and editing the implementation of the Business Processes System of HPC, the system is part of HPC management systems which was developed through an external expert.

·         Supervising and editing the implementation of the Organizational structure guideline of HPC- developed by an external expert- responsible to update the job description of all HPC staff or designing new ones for renewed positions.

·         Responsible to develop procurement agreements and TOR with expert consultants to provide technical support and conduct researches to serve HPC plans. In addition serve a member in the procurement committee to evaluate applications and proposals.

·         Responsible to design the annual performance appraisal forms and guidelines to support the annual appraisal process for HPC staff.

·         Responsible in corporation with the Admin unit to design the Annual building capacity plans for HPC staff. This was incorporated with the business processes guidelines.    

·         Responsible to produce a performance assessment report on HPC units comparing with units objectives and annual plans, this used to be submitted to the Secretary General on monthly and quarterly basis.

·         Provide on job training for new hired staff about HPC mission, values and policies, etc.

 Landmine Survivors Network – Jordan and Middle East.

Jul, 2007 – Jul,2008 :  Monitoring and Evaluation Officer:

Oct, 2000 – Jul, 2007 : Executive Assistant

Administration responsibilities

·         Responsible for the development of the Network's annual action plans for the proper sound implementation of projects in the areas of Health, Social Empowerment, and Economic opportunities of landmine victims and persons with disabilities.  

·         Prepare success stories and lessons learned from the program implementation and shape them into awareness raising formats for use in websites, brochures, features, reportages to reflect the Network impact and influence to local, regional and international levels.

·         Responsible for handling communications with the headquarter Office and liaising to main key stakeholders who representing government or non-government. Reporting to donors on Network's achievements with technical support of International Affairs Department- HQ Dc.

·         Representing the Network in official meetings, workshops and media conferences to introduce the organization mission, values, projects.

·         Provided administrative support while implementing the partnership project on economic empowerment project with Landmine Survivors Network-Jordan Office/MENA, Vocational Training Institute and Ministry Of Social Development funded by MEPI (2004-2005). The project aimed to mainstream youth persons with disabilities in the national vocational training programs and workforce by raising awareness about their capabilities and avoiding the stereotypes. As well as this project helped to transform an American Vocational Training Company methods and practices to the national vocational centers.

·         Managed and supervised the database system (2000-2007), and responsible to extract weekly, monthly and yearly statistics that reflect LSN impact on targeted group. Analyzed and assessed the target group needs and priorities using Individual Recovery Action Plan (IRAP) that depends on the eight elements of recovery process defined by Health World Organization. Responsible to update the data collection forms used in the field level. 

 Human Resources responsibilities:

·         Responsible for the preparations of annual treatment meetings for the staff and involved in facilitating sessions for assessment and identifying the key objectives and priorities using log-frame and SWOT analysis tools. As well as, responsible for the training for the new hired staff and provided technical guidelines and references help achieving their objectives.

·         Responsible to update the job descriptions of all HPC staff or designing new ones for renewed positions.

·         Responsible for the preparations of workshops, analysis and follow up on the actions and decisions that aimed to build the staff capabilities.  

 Advocacy responsibilities:

·         Facilitated the Director role to promote for United Nation Convention To Protect Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities at regional and local levels since 2002 by holding awareness workshops targeted NGOs and DPOs and individuals with disabilities aimed to integrate them in the process of issuing the convention. 

·         Developed promotion materials and tools contain background information about the convention process, and prepared speeches, presentations and papers to the Director.

·         Responsible to organize international and regional conferences facilitated by experts on disability, ex: (send invitations, confirmation, prepare venues, handout materials, etc).

·         Promoted for the International Day for Persons with Disabilities – 3rd Dec on national level, by conducting workshops in different governorates (Irbed, Zarqa, Amman) , developing and distributing materials, working with media, etc.

·         Participated in processing to prepare Network's achievements report on national level on victim assistance concept presented in the Annual Landmine Monitor Report that launched by International Campaign to Ban Landmine (ICBL).

·         Participated in the national committee to support the initiative of issuing unify national registry of landmine casualties. The Committee managed under the National Commission for Demining and Rehabilitation.

·         In 2007, took the lead for preparing for LSN involvement in the Eighth States Parties Meeting Signing the Ottawa Convention in Jordan which took place from 17th -22nd  Nov, 2007. Organized two side events promoted the messages on landmine survivors rights  (Victim Assistance linking with Disability Human Rights Session, Sports For All- Sport Game) for more information ( & ).

 Grant Management:

·         Responsible for developing a grant project with sport organizations in Amman, Zarqa, Irbed aimed to empower youth (landmine survivors) and increase involvement to advocate for their human rights through sport. Fully responsible to design and draft the agreements and work plans aimed to increase the target group from youth participation in the Network program based on participatory approach and increasing volunteerism. Responsible to report back to HQ office on implementation and provided progress reports and success stories reflected the achievements and challenges.

Trainings, Workshops:

·         Human Rights and Social Cooperates Responsibility online course conducted by HERA center, April 2011

·         "How to emerge MDGs in the national programs" held by Ministry of Planning in cooperation with UNDP, April,2009. 

·         "Regional Workshop on Impact Evaluation" held by Ministry of Planning in cooperation with World Bank, Mar, 2009. 

·         "Strategic Management", held by Talal Abu Ghazaleh group in cooperation with German University-Amman, Dec,2007.

·         "Advocacy and human rights training", held by Landmine Survivors Network - Geneva Office, Mar 2006.

·         "Project Management Professional Course (36 hours) " , held by Amideast Center, Aug,2006.

·         "TOT Human Rights training" facilitated by international experts in Dec 2002, Oct, 2003, May, 2006.

·         "Strategic planning - Log-Frame ", held by Landmine Survivors Network, Jul, 2005.

·         "Business Writing Skills" workshop, held by the AmidEast Center, Aug, 2005.

·         "Enterprises – micro business training", held by experts hosted by Landmine Survivors Network, April, 2004.

·         "Planning and Building Competences Workshop" in Bosnia – Jun, 2002-Aug 2003.

·         "Database Management training" held by Landmine Survivors Network, Washington- DC in Dec, 2001.

·         Other self-education on issues related to development, participatory Approach, objective-based thinking , Monitoring and Evaluation and knowledge management.

Conference Participation:

·         Presented a paper entitled "the Victim Assistance Program" at the conference entitled "the initiative of Building Youth Leadership in Middle East" in Lebanon, Mine Action Canada (MAC) organization. It targeted youth landmine survivors to be leader and involved in mine action program locally and regionally.

·         Presented lectures at a number of professional workshops and trainings courses on topics including Mine Risk Education, Mines Effect on Development and Environment, Disability Human Rights, etc.  Some were conducted in different local communities in Jordan.



B.A Major:  Public Administration University of Jordan-Amman - 1996.

General Secondary Education Certificate (literature stream) Queen Zain Secondary School-Amman, Jordan -1992

Certificates (2012-ongoing):

Master’s in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (e-learning methodology)

Skills and languages:

- PC literate on windows and MS office software.

- Strong organizational and management skills (Member in PMP International Institute -2006).  

- Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

- Strong communication skills, both written and oral in both languages Arabic and English.

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 31st Oct 1974

Place of Birth: Amman- Jordan.

Nationality: Jordanian

Marital Status: Married with three children

** Availability : upon request

** References:

Ms. Mona Jawad AbdelJawad         Free consultant                                                                   0777609898

Ms. Samar Abdel Noor                       Free consultant                                                                  0795900881          

Mr. Firas Haddadin                             Procurement Officer/UNDP Iraq                                      0795900927