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Valentin Mutinelli-Szymanski

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Valentin Mutinelli

Finance Manager


+33 (0)631792383

[email protected]



Profile Experienced finance manager looking for new challenges in the development or humanitarian field.



Project Management skills: experience with schedule, budget and people management; solution oriented; performing well under pressure; organized and flexible.

Communication skills: excellent oral & written expression; French native speaker, fluent in both English and Spanish, bases in Arabic.

Technical skills: strong Excel financial modelling background; tax & accounting and legal optimization capacity; good knowledge of economics and geopolitics.



ACTED (Employees: 4000, Turnover: €140 M) 2014

ACTED Libya - Country Finance Manager

Cash and budget management:

  • Overseeing the management of bank accounts, safes and cash and

  • Developing budgets for project proposals and preparing financial reports.


Accountancy and control:

  • Verifying and compiling monthly accounts from each base;

  • Seting up and formalising procedures for the commitment of expenditure and

  • Dealing with internal and external audits.


Supervizing human ressources and administration:

  • Ensuring compliance to legal requirements and

  • Seting up and following up of HR policy.


Egis Group (Employees: 12000, Turnover: 881 M) 2012-2014

Egis Projects - Project Manager

Working within an investment platform:

  • Sourcing of new investors (building a new network, attending conferences in Europe and Asia, developing marketing tools and strategy);

  • Performance analysis, reporting, audit and

  • Due diligence and contractual documentation negotiation (Entry of one new strategic investor with a first investment of €15 m)


Analyzing new development opportunities:

  • Risk analysis: country (Albania, Ghana, Indonesia…), projects (toll roads, airports, energy), counterparty (public and private clients)

  • Sourcing of senior funds and guarantees (commercial banks and multilateral institutions).


Eiffage Group (Employees: 68000, Turnover: €14000 M) 2006-2010

PPP department - Financial Analyst

Managing bids:

  • Financial structuring, analysis and modelling (more than 20 financial models audited, amended or built);

  • Financial, tax & accounting advisers selection and management and Production and presentation of financial bid deliverables (more than 20 public tenders for toll roads, rail, telecom PPP projects).


Negotiating implementation of financings:

  • Project due diligence process and

  • Contractual documentation negotiation (financial closing of the Prado Sud tunnel concession €180m debt package).


Assisting the group’s head office finance department:

  • Growth opportunities study: acquisitions, non-solicited offers and

  • Management of existing projects: analysis and reporting, waiver requests, claims (restructuring of the €1.2bn A65 project).


Other: Banco FIE (Microfinance, Bolivia, 2010, 3 months)

Vinci Concessions (Structured finance, Paris, 2006, 8 months)



Paris X / École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées 2005-2006

DESS Financement de Projet / Financements Structurés

(Post-graduate diploma in Structured Finance)


Paris X / Universidad Autonoma de Madrid 2002-2004

Maîtrise de Science de Gestion

(Master’s degree in Business Management)


Other: Financial mathematics (2008, 3 days)



Sports: Climbing, tennis and basketball

Arts: music, photography and paintings

Travels: Middle east, South and North America (2010/2011) and Asia


References available upon request