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Sarah Rammal

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Ms. Sarah Rammal is a legal researcher at the Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and integrity (ACRLI). She has worked as project associate in several development project implemented by ACRLI. She holds a master's degree in public law from the Lebanese University. Ms. Rammal also holds a Bachelor’s degree in law and Political Science from the Beirut Arab University. In addition, she has completed several courses on law at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland, and has been serving as a volunteer and member at the Human Rights Center and Legal Clinic, both at the Beirut Arab University. Ms. Rammal has participated in numerous workshops and conferences related to human rights, transitional justice, international criminal law and the rule of law.

Main tasks:

-    Provide logistical assistance to the project coordinator including the instructor travels’ preparation, and the elaboration of the activities materials; i.e. make travel and accommodation arrangement for training sessions, focus groups, brain storming sessions, and other project related events;

-    Prepare activities materials, including presentations and agendas, etc;

-    Undertake research activities needed for the good implementation of the project;

-    Assist the Project team in reporting to the Team Leader and the client;

-    Assist the Project team in the management of consultants and instructors deliveries;

-    Maintain project deliverables under the direction of the project coordinator;

-    Assist the project coordinator and the Team Leader in the overall management of the project.