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Ali Iskandarani

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Lebanon, Saida, IskAndArani st. IskAndArani bld.

Phone 009613110533 • E-mail [email protected]


Ali Maher IskAndArani

Personal Information




n  Marital status: Single

n  Nationality : Lebanese

n  Date of Birth: May 17th, 1989

n  Place of Birth: Saida, Lebanon




·         2012-2014: Graduate student of  Masters in Mass Communication at (B.A.U)

·         2009-2012: Graduated from Beirut Arab University (B.A.U.)

Major: Bachelor in Media and Communication.

Minor: Sociology and Psychology.

·         2010: ICDL certificate from B.A.U. Beirut, Lebanon.

·         2007:   S.V. at Sidon High School.



§ Seeking a position in which I can utilize and                                                                                                                                  develop my skills which I acquired throughout my education and experience.

Experience          (  Certificates are available upon request)



§ July 2014- Current: Head Media Relation at URDA specialized in aiding the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

§ Aug 2013- July 2014: Social Media coordinator at Shajar w Bashar - Ard ELTofola Association Project (Pathway…2013) .

§ 2009- Current: Writing in digital journals.

§ 2011-2014: Writer, and Social Media Manager at Manchette (مانشيت) Magazine.

§ Sept 2013: Taught an Introduction for Social Media Course at Shajar w Bashar - Ard ELTofola Association Project (Pathway…2013) . 


§ Aug 2013: was trained for Capacity Assessments Tool (CAT) with USAID and MSI and others.

§ July 2013- Sept 2013   : Monitor at summer camp ( بصمتنا فرح 2013) with   Shajar w Bashar - Ard ELTofola Association and TDH.

§  Sept 2013 : Trained a group of youth the basics of photography  at Shohadaa Mosque – Sidon for Youth (18-25 years) 

§ Sept 2013 : Trained a group of children the basics of photography  at  a summer camp ( بصمتنا فرح 2013) with   Shajar w Bashar - Ard ELTofola Association to children(13-16)

§ 2010- 2013: News Production ,News Presenter Editor, Social Media and Reporter at Saida TV (

§ May 2012-Dec2012: working as a writer and correspondent with

§ 2012: Safety course in media from Lebanese Press Syndicate editors and International Federation of Journalists.

§ June 2012- Sept 2012: Editor at Al-Yasarya TV

§ 1999-2012: Scout Leader and Media Administrator at Jarah Scout.

§ 2010-2012: Correspondent at Alfajr Radio, Beirut.

§ 2010: Published an Arabic poetry book  (ديوان امواج الماضي)

§ 2010: Training course with Mr. Fady Al-Shamih in media and radio.

§ 2011: (Summer) monitor at summer camp with USAID and Ministry of Education

§ 2008-2010: Worked at Excalibur Agency for advertisement and casting.

§ 2008: 2 months training cycle at Lebanese University in acting.

§ Production of films and ads.

§ New Media and social networks, Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, bloggers…)

§ Acquired high proficiency in dealing with cameras and computer programs.

Interests and activities



§  Media

§  Poetry, theater and acting.

§  Sports.







§  Arabic: fluently read, written and spoken.

§  English: fluently read, written and spoken.








§ Filmmaker and Director Mr.Mahmoud Khazaal , +9613963482

§ Dr. Zohair  AL-Hewary  :  Teaching at B.AU. , Lebanon,+961 70043656

§ Prof. May Abdallah : Professor and Researcher, teaching at BAU and   LU, Lebanon ,+9613932116

§ Prof.  Mohamad  Ali  El-Kouzi  :    Chairman, department of histology, Faculty of Art , BAU , Lebanon ,+9613737537