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Catherine Elias Hajj

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Catherine Hajj

Dhour El Naccache


[email protected]

10 August 2014


To whom it may concern,


I am writing to express my interest in the position of Dietitian/Nutritionist at your institute.

I’m a qualified dietitian committed to helping people eat well and lead healthy lifestyles. I have a Bachelor of Health Science(Nutrition) from Lebanese American University. I’m a Liscenced Dietitian and completed my 9months internship at UMC-Rizk Hospital.

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping people achieve their health and weight loss goals. I’m a great motivator and can adapt my approach to different personalities. I also thrive on creating networks and have a strong ability to communicate nutritional advice to people from different backgrounds. Seeing people transform themselves through healthy eating and lifestyle changes gives me a great sense of satisfaction and I would love to help spread the healthy eating message at your institute. For the last 1 month, I’ve worked at International Orthodox Christian Charity screening Syrian refugees, assessing them, and providing them with essential vitamins if necessary.

In this role I have helped refugees develop eating plans which allow them to maintain healthy lifestyles, often around allergies, specific health issues and weight loss goals.

My computer skills are well developed, including the use of Microsoft Office applications, excel, Powerpoint. I would love to join the dedicated team at your institute to help clients achieve their goals. My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.


Kind Regards

Catherine Hajj




      Naccache, Lebanon

          M: 03-636887

[email protected]





Date of birth:                                    12/4/1990

Nationality:                                          Lebanese

Marital Status:                                     Single

Email:                                               ca[email protected]

                                                          [email protected]





Degree:                                                  BS in Nutrition

                                                          Minor in Economics

From-To:                                               Fall 2008-Spring 2013

University:                                            Lebanese American University-Byblos-Jbeil-LEBANON


Degree:                                                  Lebanese Baccalaureate II-General Science

Year:                                                      2007-2008

School:                                                  Jesus and Mary School-Rabweh-LEBANON





Arabic: Native language- Excellent- read, spoken and written

English: Excellent- read, spoken and written

French: Good- read, spoken and written



 To provide an organization which encompasses the needs of professionals from all disciplines with a common interest in nutrition.


Awards and Honors

2011                                       Lebanese American University- Byblos, Lebanon

                                                MVP of the Year Award- Basketball Varsity Team

Fall 2011                            Placed on LAU’s honor list

2007-2008                          Jesus and Mary School-Rabweh

                                            Honor list





2012-ongoing                      Free Lance Private Tutor

2012-ongoing                     Professional Basketball Player ( 1st division) at Homenetmen-Antelias

Sep.2012 –Till Date:         Active Member  of Nutrition Club at the Lebanese American University.


                                 Nutritional events and awareness projects



Dec.7. 2012:            One day workshop under the title of « Ensuring a Healthy Start for Pediatric population » at the

                                American University of Beirut


                                                           Acquired skills in Interprofessional communication.



Feb.9-Feb.10 2013:            HACCP Training with Boecker& co.


                                                  Certificate in HACCP application


Mar. 2013:                 Communication counseling workshop with Mr. Raymond Khoury at the Lebanese  American  



                            Formation on developing communication and oral skills


Mar. 2013-Feb 2014:                 IPE sessions: Interprofessional Education


                                         Certificate in IPE level 1,2,3,4,5


September 2, 2013-May 31, 2014            INTERNSHIP at UMC-Rizk Hospital


Marc 10- Apr 4, 2014                            Community work at IOCC: International Orthodox Charity Center


May 5-May 16, 2014                               Diet Center-Tallet L Khayat (within the internship)

July 31,2014                                              Liscenced Dietitan



1999- 2003                           Pianist

1998-2011                            Antranik-Sin El Fil ( 2nd Division Basketball Team)

                                                Player+ Captain

2005-2008                            Jesus and Mary School- Rabweh

                                                Captain and Player on the Basketball Varsity Team

 2011-2012                          Champville- Dik l Mehde( 1st Division Basketball Team)

                                                 Professional basketball player (center)

2012-ongoing                      Homenetmen- Antelias( 1st Division Basketball Team)

                                                Professional Basketball Player(center)

Summer 2012- ongoing     Khanito Academy

                                             Salsa dancer+ cha cha

Hobbies and Interests

Basketball, Swimming, Bodybuilding, cross country race.



  • Good knowledge in statistics, mathematics, biology, and general sciences.
  • Good computer skills in Excel, Word, Power point, and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Hard working, ambitious.
  • Excellent interpersonal contacts and relations.

*All References are available upon request