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SANDY AOUN E-mail : [email protected] [email protected] Phone : 70/113947 Address: Beyrouth, baabda Date of birth: 18/2/1988 Nationality: Lebanese Marital status: Single Formation: 2006-2011: Student at the Antonine University (UPA) Faculty of engineering - telecommunication department (5th year) 2003-2006: Lebanese Baccalaureate in general sciences 1991-2003: Student at the SSCC jezine Professional experiences : *NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS Subject: GSM Network Tasks: _ Nokia Flexi 2G BTS(installation, commissioning and integration). _Nokia Metro 2G BTS(installation, commissioning and integration). _Basic training in Nokia Flexi Hopper Radio(transmission). _Eltek power supply(installation and controller configuration). _Implementing three new outdoor macro sites in alfa network, _ performing expansion for one metro BTS and two Flexi indoor BTS. *OGERO TELECOM ericsson switching platform process And process of switching and general operation of a Switch. *BLOM BANK _ Socket: connection for the transmission of data between two hosts. _ Creates user interfaces with java and swing. _ JABBER IN JAVA. _ SMS IN JAVA. *Lebanese electrical network control center project, contracted by AREVA T&D & Subcontracted by SERVICOMM s.a.r.l. Divert : *Networking: Cisco CCNA 1 Cisco CCNA 2 Cisco CCNA 3 Cisco CCNA 4 *Programming languages: Java on Jbuilder *Software calculus and analysis: Matlab – Proteus - Ansoft designer *Informatics: Word, Excel, Power Point *Sports skills : Basketball + Swimming *Music : All kind Languages: Arabic: Spoken, written French: Spoken, written English: Spoken, written My center interest Punctuality, availability, team spirit and dynamism