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Giulia Moscato

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24-25-26 October 2014
National Observator in Palermo for the Tunisian parliamentary elections
- Supervision of the fair execution of the poll
10 May 2014 – 11 August 2014Erasmus Placement
Zavod Nur – Palestinian cultura assosiation, Ljubljana, Slovenia
- Interactive teaching of the basic arabic in English to a slovenian students
- Presentation of my experiences in Egypt and Tunisia
- Coordination of cultural events
- Cooperation with the immigration shelter “Asylum Home”
- Translation from English into Italian
8 June 2014 – 21 July 2013 iExist Project
AIESEC GUC, Cairo, Egypt.
- Data collection about violence against women during the Arabic spring
- interviews of men and women from different social levels
20 - 23 Marzo 2013 Subtitles Transltion
Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival, Venezia (Italy),
- Translation of different short films and realization of subtitles
September 2012 – February 2015 Masters Degree
LM-38 “ Languages and Economic and legal institutions of Asia and North Africa”
109 / 110
Ca’ Foscari, Venezia, Italy
Fluency in Arabic language with emphasis on specialized language related to the economic
and legal framework and a deep knowledge of the economic, legal, historical and political
circumstances affecting Africa Mediterranean.
Acquisition of a solid preparation in the sociolinguistic and communicative processes, politicaleconomic
dynamics and computer skills and computer systems linked to the specific linguistic
realities reference.
September 2013
Master in Euro-project – edizione Special Summer School
High specialized formation about European planning methodology and techniques thank to
which I improved capabilities of involvement, comprehension and success of European
founding call.
October 2013 – Dicember 2013 - Arabic course (Level II) Bourguiba School, Tunis, Tunisia
- DELF degree, Instituit Français, Tunis
April 2012 - June 2012 Arabic course
Bourguiba School, Tunis, Tunisia
Level II
September 2008 – March 2012 Bachelors Degree
L-11 in “Modern languages and cultures”, curriculum English and arabic
103 / 110
University of Palermo, Italy
Acquisition of a solid linguistic knowledge and a very good competence of cultural and literary
contests of english, arabic and french languages.
Acquisition of skills also in the linguistics, phiology and literary critique methods.
August 2010 Arabic course
Bourguiba School, Tunis, Tunisia
Level I
Mother tongue(s) Italian
Other languages 
English B2 
Arabic B2 
Franch B2 
Great abilities of heeding and understand problems.
Developed awareness of responsability and good capabilities of mediation.
Inclination to partnership with foreign group to gain experience and knowledge about their
language and culture. Excellent ability of adaptation to multicultural contests gained during my
several experiences in foreign countries.
I seriously and responsibly put myself out to do the commitments entrusted to drive it in the
best way
Excellent ability to work in “team” and inclination to lead and organize the time and the parting
of tasks
basing on the most productive way, taking care of details to gain an ideal result
Great aptitude for the problem solving.
good command of Microsoft Office™ tools
Travelling and turism
culture and traditions of the Arabic world
Reading and writing
Other informations Availability to travel
Driving licence