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Youssef Dhaini

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Youssef Dhaini

Lebanese, born in 1975, married

Beirut - Lebanon

Mobile: +961 3 986749 / +961 3 783822

E-mail: [email protected]




Seeking a career with a progressive organization where I can utilize my skills, knowledge and experience in management and operations.


Top notch manager with experience in day to day management of the F&B department and its staff with commercial accountability for planning, organizing and directing all the F&B department services including the conferences and banqueting.




  • Total 9 years’ experience as F&B Manager and  Operations Manager,
  • 23 years’ experience in the hospitality field;
  • Complete knowledge of operations manager position;
  • Complete knowledge of F&B Manager position;
  • Oral, written and training communication skills;
  • Certified in HACCP level 3 in food safety and hygiene program. (Boecker)
  • Certified in HACCP level 3 in food safety and hygiene program from Highfield (London)
  • Guest relation skills especially in creating “special touches” and resolving guest requests and concerns;
  • Strong analytical skills including trend analysis and the ability to develop innovative tactics to resolve problems;
  • Carrying out actions to improve the appearance of the property, and employees as well as establishing relevant actions that meet guests’ expectations;
  • Positive approach to employee relations and guest complaints;
  • Strong computer skills;
  • Remarkable ability to ensure proper selection and training. Motivation and counseling of all employees.
  • Maintain high quality products by ensuring compliance with all operations procedure.
  • Ensure that all branches under my supervision are able to achieve all objectives as per the plan by reviewing & Monitoring Labor planning, scheduling and utilization.
  • Enforce & support all training & development plans for all staff under my supervision and in coordination with the training Department as per company’s policy.
  • Work and develop relationships with external suppliers to ensure the very best reputation within the industry in order to receive the services required to ensure that the operational Food and Beverage team can deliver the highest quality product, and the highest financial return
  • Work efficiently to ensure correct stock levels are available from central distribution area so that to assist the operational Food and Beverage team.
  • Ensure strict compliance with all relevant Hygiene and Safety legislation and requirements
  • Ensure that the industry standards are applied with regards to safety and hygiene
  • Constantly review the product range to ensure that all key quality standards are maintained
  • Manage the external food hygiene consultant and the resulting reports
  • Responsible of all trade press subscriptions to insure that the relevant information is passed on to the restaurant managers and assistant managers
  • Liaise with the Sales and Marketing team to collate and respond to all customer correspondence, ensuring that this is communicated to the entire Food and Beverage team, where appropriate
  • Manage and monitor expenditure associated with catering equipment repair, manage the asset register and assist in budget set each year for the department
  • Manage the incentive scheme, allocating and verifying spending and assisting in report analysis on stock and sales, highlighting and acting on any anomalies
  • Create and be required to operate within efficient labor budgets for each season, tracking labor spending and providing input regarding capital projects and initiatives
  • Assisting in the planning and implementation of new ideas and menu specifications each season, working closely with Central Support to ensure they fit with guidelines and are within the expectations of our guests.

Professional Experience


Operations Manager

September 2014 till Present

  • A contact for the franchisees operations team
  • Monitors and provides assistance to ensure successful restaurant opening activities
  • Assists in handling all customer service issues for Franchisees
  •  Expedites special field requests that may include:
    •Marketing initiatives
    • New Food and beverage product development initiatives


  • Responsible for Franchise restaurant openings
    • Functions as the team leader for new store opening teams provided by company to support new market development
    • Supports franchise with assistance and completion of the New Restaurant Opening Checklist
    • Conducts post opening visit within 30 days to evaluate the stabilized operation of the restaurant


  • Responsible for franchise restaurant adherence to organization Standards and Procedures
    • Visits all branches and monitors store level quality issues concerning product, staffing, training, safety and sanitation
    • Conducts quarterly audits, which includes formal results presentation and action plan for store improvement
    • Assists in the process for obtaining training restaurant certification
    • Provides guidance in all operational areas
    • Supports the franchise operations teams to implement any changes or additions to corporate standards and adherence to reporting procedures
  •  Consults on marketing and promotional programs
  • Helps identify opportunities to maximize sales in the outlet
  • Assistance in management and staff training
  • Supporting franchisee through goal setting and training in controlling flow of ingredients and utilization of labor to ensure adequate production at the required quality level
  • Assists in company level budgeting and forecasting
  • Supports franchisee operations teams to implement procedures to maximize efficiencies and control variances in daily production of product and overall store performance
  • Assists in implementing operating methods and procedures designed to eliminate production problems and improve product quality
  • Provides assistance in coordinating production schedules to meet customer demands and minimize labor hours
  • Assists the franchisee by demonstrating safety consciousness and promote restaurant safety, e.g. shoes, floor cones ….etc.
  • Monitors that the restaurant maintain a high level of store sanitation and cleanliness, e.g. cleaning schedules, training, etc.
  • Identifies opportunities for franchisees build a team of customer-focused employees
  • Communicate with the restaurant manager and consistently enforces all restaurant policies, standards, and practices
  • Implements efficiently and effectively directives from corporate and divisional management
  • Lead a team of financial executives toward achievement of preset goals.

  • Monitor and manage credit card payments and invoice payments.
  • Conduct finance audit periodically and recommend improvements.
  • Develop financial policies and procedures for operational efficiency.
  • Develop and maintain financial statements for future reference.
  • Assist the owners in financial management and reporting activities.
  • Ensure that financial operational activities are executed and delivered as per the standards set by the company.
  • Develop operational initiatives to achieve financial goals.
  • Monitor and manage expenses within the established budget.

Kazami Company

Operations Manager

December 2012 till September 2014

  • Reporting to the senior management
  • Discussing with the senior management the yearly business plan or any new promotions
  • Discussing with the top management the effective procedures for improving the processes.
  • Holding periodical meetings with members of the executive management for planning financial and operational concepts
  • Set the yearly budget of the company.
  • Set the yearly goals and objective of the company
  • Reviewing all the income and expenditure of the company and determine what else is required for the company to excel in its operations
  • Running day to day operation of the business
  • Dealing with the cost control and the store keeper when it comes to the monthly inventory & logistic operation
  • Handling 5 different outlets in different location and different themes
  • Controlling the food and beverage cost of the whole company
  • Communicating with the cost control concerning the weekly flash cost and the end of month cost, new menus cost, event menus cost…etc
  • Communicating with the cost control all outlets menu engineer
  • Communicating with the cost controller and the purchasing manager concerning the yielding cost test
  • Responsible for hiring new staff for the whole company
  • Handling a company operating budget for the whole budget
  • Supervising and setting up the basic training programs of the outlets
  • Controlling and working to ensure standard of hygiene are maintained in all outlets and that the kitchen complies with health and safety regulation.
  • Set the yearly promotional plan for all the outlets
  • Provide a work environment that creates positive energy
  • Setting up new menus with the kitchen chefs
  • Acting as a presenter for the goals and plans of the company. Try to resolve different issues regarding the quality of services, shipment delays, customer satisfaction and retaining and other problems.

Ramada Downtown – Beirut

Food & Beverage Manager

1 October 2010 till 15 December 2012

  • Responsible for the F&B department in the hotel;
  • Promote and market the business;
  • Negotiate with the General Manager new strategies for the F&B department;
  • Ensure that every single employee is aware of operational goals and aware of the F&B promotions;
  • Report and discuss with the general manager all issues related to the F&B department;
  • Responsible for the yearly target of the F&B department;
  • Manage budgets as well as financial plans and the yearly business plan of the F&B department;
  • Maintain statistical-financial records by increasing the F&B revenue and decreasing the F&B expenses;
  • Supervise Cost Controller to guarantee a cost according to the financial targets, to recognize price increases and adjustment if necessary;
  • Communicate with the cost control & finance department for the food and beverage monthly inventory and cost;
  • Make sure discounts and complimentary are administered and approved according to the internal policy;
  • Recruit and monitor relevant staff for their specific operations;
  • Set up new food set menus, A La carte, French menus, wine lists and beverage lists;
  • Plan the yearly & monthly F&B outlets’ promotions;
  • Meet and greet customers;
  • Deal with the customer queries and complaints;
  • Control Food and Beverage quality in coordination with the head chef and purchasing manager.
  • Set up the monthly and yearly training plan of the F&B department,
  • Interviewing new employees.
  • Handling catering request outside the hotel.
  • Communicating with the sales department concerning any special request to meet guest’s request.
  1. The Lancaster Hotel

Food & Beverage Manager

March 09 till 30 March 10



15% enhancement of Food and Beverage Revenue by:


  • Improving the Service and Product quality of the all day dinning and marked it as the place to be which have resulted in having new guest segment and enhanced our existing guest loyalty,
  • Creating and implementing new concept of a cafe shop which is a combination of classic food

And traditional ancient food and special entertainment program in cafe doiek;

  • Creating a new alcoholic and food menu for the Alfred’s bar with jazz music entertainment program;
  • Daily happy hours promotions;
  • De-layering the old organizational chart and tailor it into more active structure with less payroll;
  • Re-activating the mini bar and set up a new menu with popular items;
  • Setting up a new room service menu including 24 hours breakfast service and midnight special menu
  • Controlling direct purchases
  • Decreasing general expenses;
  • Reviewing and rectifying all Food and Beverage costs and pricing strategies.


  • Sharpening my budgeting and forecasting abilities;
  • Recruitment through recruitment trips;
  • Cost Controlling and contingency planning during the recession period;
  • Synergizing resources for successful Promotional F&B calendar implementation;
  • Creating a work environment which higher the employees morale and provide them with constant learning & development sessions then using the feedback from the employees’ satisfaction survey to draw an action plan;
  • Recruitment and Performance Appraisal/ Management of the staff in the department;Working with the Executive Chef in the area of cuisine, menu planning & design;
  • Ensuring through regular monitoring of GSTS (Guest Satisfaction Tracking System) and feedback prompt, efficient and accurate service to all guests;
  • Retaining guests and enhancing guest loyalty through introduction of various schemes, food festivals or other retention programs;
  • Ensuring that all the operational standards set for all the equipments & processes are followed;
  • Working in association with cost controllers in various areas of F & B costs;
  •  Preparing the Promotional and Marketing/PR plans for various outlets;
  • Developing departmental trainers in association with the training department & overseeing all the training activities within the department;
  • Maintaining regular contacts with corporate and individual customers and building strong relationships with them;
  • Staying informed about local, national and international best practices/trends in food service,

Technology and entertainment in F & B.


      Assistant F&B Manager In-Charge

07 April 08 till 06 April 09 


  • Being in charge for a period of 1 year as of limited contract;
  • Re-opening the falls lounge bar with snack menu
  • Managing and implementing a good area of conference & meeting rooms;
  • Achieving highest score on mystery shopper in the hotel
  • Responsible for hotel restaurants, room service, mini bar, 9 conference rooms and one huge ball          room;
  • Responsible for the F&B department budget , forecast;
  • Responsible for the stewarding department;
  • Interviewing and hiring new staff  for the F&B department;
  • Responsible for the monthly F&B training in coordination with the HR & training manager
  • Setting up new food & beverage menus for the F&B department;
  • Planning for promotions for the F&B outlets;
  • Communicating with the housekeeping department for the F&B linen and linen inventory;
  • Controlling Food and Beverage quality;
  • Communicating with the cost control finance department for the food and beverage and the menus cost;
  • Reporting and discussing with the general manager all new promotions;
  • Negotiating with the General Manager new strategies for the F&B department;
  • Organizing new outlets concepts, set ups, project planning and opening new outlets;
  • Developing food & beverage goals, objectives & strategies;
  • Organizing and setting up marketing plans;
  • Negotiating deals with sponsors.



Restaurant manager in {Sushi Bar}~Japanese and Fresh Sea Food - Fine Dining Restaurant

Nov 05 till May 07


  • Participating in preparing the “distributing file” of the company including all steps of the work progress;
  • Contributing with the purchasing department regarding store requisitions, storing and purchasing items, etc…;
  • Assisting with setting up new menus;
  • Supervising the hygiene and cleanliness of the restaurant;
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the restaurant by coordinating with various companies;
  • Training graduates and new employees.


     Pre-opening member of the opening team

      June 02 till Sep 05

  • Head waiter acting as assistant manager in {Hemingway's} ~ Bar and Cigar Lounge
  • Assistant head waiter in charge & departmental trainer in {Mediterranee} ~ International restaurant (buffet) & {La maison des fondues}.

     Pre-opening member of the opening team

      July 01 till May 02

  • Captain in {Alshindagha} ~ International Restaurant ~ (Buffet)
  • Captain in {Venezia} ~ Italian Restaurant




      Feb 2000 till June 2001

      Pre-opening team member, opening 3 outlets within the hotel

  • Captain in {Café Mondo} ~ Italian Restaurant
  • Captain in {Eau de vie}   ~ French Restaurant
  • Captain in {E.D.stone}     ~ Night Club



     Captain in {Scalini} ~ Italian fine Dining Restaurant

      Feb 97 till Dec 99




      Ramada Hotel

      Business writing training, On Job Training, Management program training, I ‘am training program, 

      Time management program.


  • Movenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut

     -Saving cost, training need analysis, time challenge

               -Supervisory skills, 15 “team work” activities {Management training}

           F&B department departmental training, train the trainer, on job training.


  • Metropolitan Palace Hotel

                - Skills and craft training program, cost control training

                  F&B department


  • Phoenicia Inter-Continental

     - Wine training, cigar training, bar terminology, telephone technique, spirits training, and customer comes first training.



       February 2015                  LAU (lebanses American University) Project Management          

      Jan 2015                         Global business Management, James Madison Business University

                                             CM Certified Manager.

  • 2014                           Business Administration in management (BA)- Gibson University 


  • 1996

               TS-2     ~ Hotel management institute

  • 1994

               BT-3     ~ Hotelier institute

  • 1991

               Brevet   ~ Lebanese modern school





  • Arabic:                 Native
  • English:                Fluent
  • French:                Good