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HIba Hamadeh

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                                                                        C. V.


Hiba H. Hamadeh



            Nationality: Lebanese

            Address: Lebanon, Rweis

            Tel: 71/464399 – 03/063726

            Email: [email protected]



  1. D-Rasati (World Learning)                                              August/2015 – Present (full-time)

"Beirut, Lebanon”

  • Database/ ICT Program Coordinator


  1. GET & IET                                                                      July/2015 – Present  (Part-time)

"Beirut, Lebanon”

  • International Curriculum Manager (Lebanon, Iraq and Africa)
    • Duties
      • Recruit teachers and admin staff
      • Prepare pacing charts and unit/lesson plan templates
      • Prepare schools to be and IB school in Iraq
      • Meet parents to explain about the school
      • Work on the curriculum and school database management system
      • Prepare the program for the school and follow up on teachers
      • Train Coordinators
      • Prepare Interactive classrooms and sessions
      • Train teachers (classroom management, interactive classrooms,….)
      • Prepare school handbook and regulations



  1. DSB (Deutsche Schule Beirut)                                          1/Sep/2011 – July 2015

      "Doha, Lebanon”



  • Head of the Technical Support team
  • Prepare curriculum for ITGS
  • ITGS Teacher (G10IP)
  • Robotics Club Coach
  • Member of the Parent Teacher Student Committee
  • CAS Advisor G7-12
  • Personal Social Education Teacher and Coordinator



  • Head of the Technical Support team
  • Prepare curriculum for ITGS
  • ITGS Teacher (G6-7)
  • Robotics Club Coach
  • Member of the Parent Teacher Student Committee
  • CAS Advisor G7-10 LP and IP



  • Member of the Technical Support team
  • Prepare curriculum for ITGS
  • ITGS Teacher (5-8)
  • Robotics Club Coach



  • ITGS (Inforation Technology in Global Society)Teacher G6-G10


  • Prepare curriculum for ITGS
  • Teach ITGS
  • Robotics Club
  • Lab and Computer Maintenance
  • Assessments
  • Grade filling
  • Break time duties





  1. SABIS PPP                                                1/Sep/2009 – 1/August/2011

      "Al Ain, UAE”

  • ICT Teacher advisor


  1. Help teachers at five different schools (G1-G12)
  2. Check lesson plans
  3. Make sure teachers are on pace
  4. Prepare different ICT activities
  5. Run robotics and ICT clubs
  6. Professional Development (Active Inspire IWB)
  7. Exam Analysis (Plus action plans)
  8. WRO NXT robotics competitions and clubs


  1.  American Academy School                     10/Sep/2008 – 1/August/2009

      "Doha, Qatar”


  • Homeroom Teacher Grade 2


  1. Teaching
  2. Exam invigilation
  3. Grade 2 teachers’ coordination
  • KG1 Coordination for 1 month (Due to the coordinator absence)


  1. Prepare the weekly plan
  2. Check the pace with the teachers
  3. Teacher’s meeting
  • Prepare for the cultural day and coordinate with homeroom teachers and prepare dances.


  1.  La Cite Culturelle                        (10/Nov/2003 – 10/June/2008

      "Khaldeh; Beirut, Lebanon”


  • Kindergarten teacher assistant (2003/2004)
  • Kindergarten class teacher (2004/2005)
  • Teacher (Math, Science, Computer) for Grades 1-2-3 (2005/2006 - 2006/2007)
  • Extra session for teachers to teach them Microsoft Office (2005/2006)
  • Teacher (Math, Science, Computer) for Grade 3 (2007/2008)


  • Teaching
  • Exam invigilation
  • Playground invigilation
  • Preparing dances for the end of the year



  1.  Lebanese Official Statistics Centre                     Summer (2007)

 "Bourj Al Morr; Beirut, Lebanon”


  • Training
  • Preparing researches with a team
  • Co-wrote a PHD Thesis on data Streaming
  • MatLab and Oracle training




                        Arab Open University (A.O.U)

                        BS Degree in Information, Technology, & Computing       June 08


            MTC (Mira Training Centre)

                        Certificate in Programming (, MySQL, Access, Frontpage) September 07


            UNICEF (Training Sessions) DevInfo                                               September 07


            Omar Farroukh High School

                        Life Science -Official Lebanese Baccalaureate 2001-2002


CAS Workshop Dubai (IBO)                                     (April 2014)

Online Safety (MEHE)                                                           (May 2013)

WRO (World Robotics Olympiad): Lego NXT MindStorm

Green City (Robotics Olympiad): Lego NXT Mindstorm







Languages: Arabic & English





Proficiency in: Interactive White Boards Active Inspire Promethean, Programming languages (C++; java;; HTML; FrontPage),

Database Management System (PostgreSQL; MySQL; ACCESS; Oracle),

Operating Systems: Windows (XP; Vista), Linux (Ubuntu-gusty release; Fedora-core 8)



Lego Mindstorm NXT (robotics), Reading Books, Biking, Hiking, Dancing & Listening to music



Mr. Rabih Baalbaki: Owner of GET and IET Email: [email protected] tel: 009613826681

Mr. Hadi Bou Hassan: Physics Teacher at German School and Member of the IT department: Email: [email protected]  tel: 009613451527

Mr. Firas Kotob: ITGS coordinator at DSB and Member of the IT department: Email: [email protected] tel: 009613359695
Mr. Salloum: DSB General Director: Email: [email protected]


Mrs. Hind Hamdan; School Principle (La Cite Culturelle): [email protected]


Miss Jessy Matta: Academic Quality Controller (PPP Sabis) 00971508314349


Miss Lina Kilani: Subject Coorinator (PPP Sabis) 00971509084878