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Catalin Curea

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Mr. Catalin CUREA (b. 1969) holds a M.Sc. (1997) on Urban Public Works’ Optimization (including water works), awarded by the Civil Engineering University of Bucharest, Romania, Water Engineering section.

 He is an environmental expert, being a freelancer at present.

Of a total experience of 22 years, he dedicated about 13 years to various waste projects.

His experience includes projects on waste management and waste statistics.       He has thorough knowledge on Waste Framework Directive, Landfill Directive, Waste Shipment Regulation, Packaging and Waste Packaging Directive, European List of Waste, Waste Statistics Regulation, Water Framework Directive, and on conducting statistical surveys on generation and management (collection/recovery/treatment) of waste and water.

He has cooperated directly or indirectly with the DG ENV, DG REGIO, EIB, Eurostat,  the Romanian Ministry of Waters and Environment and EU private environmental consulting companies.

In line with the above mentioned, his experience stays mainly with:

- the efficient functioning of waste markets in the European Union,

- technical evaluation of applications received by the Managing Authority for the Sectoral Operational Program Environment (MA SOP ENV) for Water/Water supply contracts, under the EIB co-funding,

- EU SWITCH-ASIA Program I (in cooperation with UNEP): Sustainable Asia.  Contributor for the waste management chapter: Sustainable municipal solid waste management in three Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam), home-based project,

- Framework Contract on Assistance and Technical Support for the Evaluation of LIFE + 2014 waste and water management proposals (Research and Innovation projects),

- evaluation of the national waste management plan (NWMP) of Romania, based on four ex-ante conditionalities,

- technical assessment of the current situation of the compliance with the Landfill Directive, and support in the context of complaint and infringement procedures,

- feasibility study (FS) on the selective collection of paper&cardboard implementation,

- technical support for bids’ elaboration (WASH/waste and water management),

- project on the generation and management of health-care waste in Romania,

- pilot study on statistics on waste management in agriculture and forestry,

- pilot study on statistics on the import and export of waste,

- others.

 I will be happy to provide the full CV if needed.