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Maen Musa Qallab

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Curriculum Vitae


Personal Info

Name:                                    (reserve Major) Maen Musa Qallab

Date of Birth:                       26/9/1982

Marital status                       Married

Nationality:                          Jordanian

Address:                Jordan – Amman – Sport city – 74 Bin Zuraiq st.


 (00962) 775700700

Email:                                    [email protected]

P. O. Box             962100 Amman 11196 Jordan


Education & Qualifications:


2000 – 2004                         B.Sc. Degree in History and Military Science from Mutah University Al Karak – Jordan


1999 – 2000                         General Secondary School Certificate (Tawjihi) literate stream

                                                Omer Bin AL Khattab School Amman - Jordan


Military  Experience:

June  2004 - Jan. 2016       Ranks: Officer from 2nd Lt. - Major at Jordanian Armed Forces – Special Operations Forces

Operational Experience:

I have a strong military, security and political qualifications and experience as I am graduated with BSC. Degree in History and Military Science from Mu’tah University in Jordan, with a 2nd Lt. Officer rank. Then I served as a field officer in the Special Forces, Royal Jordanian Armed Forces, up to a Major rank. In addition to that, I have M.A Degree in Political Science from Jordan University.


I practiced working and coordinating with British military team, US Special Forces Unit, and have been a liaison officer with an Italian Special Forces group, all were located in Jordan.


I have been a visiting member within many official delegations went to UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia , Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Canada. Also I attended a field operational program with UNPOLICE in Ivory and Liberia.


I worked as a personal escort and coordinator for a long time with VIP’s such as: an EX- Prime Minister, Senate President and Foreign Ambassadors.


Training Courses:

·         English Language

·         PC

·         Basic Infantry

·         Commandos and Parachute

·         Fighting in Urban Areas and Internal Security

·         Airlift, Loading and Unloading

·         Mortar 81 mm

·         Mortar 120 mm

·         Medium weapons and machine guns

·         Security , Escort,  and Protecting VIP’s

·         Basic Snipers

·         United Nations Police Deployment at Peacekeeping Center



  • Computer Literate ;Windows all version – Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook) Internet
  • Ground Instructor
  • Presentable
  • Ability to plan
  • Strong in negotiations and decision making


  • Highly organized and the ability to adapt quickly to changing priorities


  • Planning , coordinating and Managing events such like workshops, conferences and official meetings


Keys of Success

·         Hard worker

·         Highly motivated and  self - starter 

·         Team leader

·         Easy going and communicate effectively with others

·         Continuous Improvement