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Mohammed Khaled

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Mohammed Ahmad Khaled

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                                                                                                                                Phone Number 

Address                                                                                                                 (+961) -3-565797              


Al-Moghaireh / Chouf




 To obtain a full-time entry-level position as a Mechanical Engineer, allowing me to utilize my education, two years and internship experience while gaining valuable work experience in a team oriented environment.





·         Rafic Hariri University      


             MS Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, April 2016

             Emphasis: Mechanical Systems and Design, Machines Hydraulic Systems 


·         Rafic Hariri University


BS Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, April 2014

             Emphasis: Manufacture process & Machine Design, Energy conversion and Thermal science


·         Makassed High School


                 Lebanese Baccalaureate-Life Science, GPA 16.1/20                                           





C, C++, Autodesk, AutoCAD, Inventor, MATLAB, HAP, ANSYS, Square, Microsoft Office mathematical background and broad business knowledge




·         Grasp difficult concepts very quickly

·         Outstanding problem-solving ability

·         Creative thinking

·         High analytical ability




·         Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines

·         Able to organize the work efficiently

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Able to work independent and in teams


·         2013-     Cement De Sibline / Sibline, Lebanon

Position: Internship


Duties: Trained at different faculty departments including:

1.      Automotive Department: Garage for Heavy Duty Trucks maintenance

2.      Mechanical Maintenance Department: Workshop for Motor and fans maintenance

3.      Planning Department: Design and AutoCAD for new projects




·         2013-2014      Associated Mechanical Engineers / Beirut, Lebanon

Position: Mechanical Site Engineer


Duties: Supervised the construction in Sakiet703 Site including:


1.      HVAC

2.      Plumbing

3.      Drainage

4.      Firefighting


·         2015-Present   Cement De Sibline/Sibline, Lebanon

Position: Mechanical Engineer

Duties:   Design and Check different Departments


1.      Designing a project that should be used in case of Emergency in the Factory.

Including everything from design to sight.

2.      Checking different problems on heavy duty trucks and suggesting solutions.

3.      Preparing factory maintenance tasks.

4.      Managing every day job of the department

·         2016    HDTM     Shwaifiet, Lebanon

1.      Being as a Project manager over a heavy duty trucks garage.





Awards and Honors:


1.      2010   Science Fair Award 

Winning a Competition in producing a renewable process to save energy


2.      2010   Lebanese Baccalaureate

Winning an Award for getting the highest average in my village


3.      2013  Automatic Transmission and Scanner Certificate

Beirut Arab University Certificate for attending successive sessions in the certificate domains


4.      2015 Thanked by Cement De Sibline

Getting a thankful message from my work for my help in giving and translating a training course for the




1.      HVAC Design and calculations for a 200 m3 department.

2.      Designing a self-driving Garbage Truck for university use.

3.      TSP genetic optimizing project

4.      Fork-Lift Hydraulic System

5.      Designing a four bar mechanism at 10 different position





1.      Engineering Management

2.      Machinery

3.      Automotive

4.      Internal Compassion

5.      Thermodynamics 1 & 2

6.      Fluid Power Systems

7.      Optimization

8.      HVAC



Fluent written and spoken: Arabic and English




·         2013-Present         “ASME”

American Society of Mechanical Engineers-ASME

Student Member

·         2014-2015              “InterSos”

Volunteering in An Italian society for helping Syrian regions women and children

·         2014-Present          “Organization”

Member of Mghaireih Youth Organization

·         2015-Present           “Organization”

President of PO Organization

·         2015-Present            “Club”

Being selected to be of seven students to create a Communication Club in my University


Interests and Hobbies:

Reading, Football, Gym



Available upon request