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UN Senior Adviser Joins ‘LDN’ as Lead Consultant

Senior United Nations adviser Henrietta Aswad has joined the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) as Lead Consultant.

Ms. Aswad has over twenty years of international experience in Strategic Communication, Policy Development and Management. She has worked with the UNDP, UNFPA, ESCWA, WHO and ILO, and served as the UN senior adviser for the MENA and EECA regions.

With her extensive competency in several fields, she has provided her services to prominent corporations such as Coca Cola, Adidas USA and Crane Inc. as well as to governmental and academic institutions such as the N.Y. and Toronto Municipalities and Port Authorities, Kuwait SCPD Ministry of Planning and Development, Rotterdam City Council, Georgia State University and many others.

Aswad held the Title of Attache’ at the 1996 Summer OLYMPICs and has considerable work on advising, supporting and building the capacity of the UN.  She consulted to a wide range of professional media, national partners and NGOs on Strategy Design, Implementation and Governance and assisted a respectful number of private institutions in their Public-Private Partnership programs (PPP). 

Her doctoral interdisciplinary studies are in Communication, Democratization and Gender, and holds an MBA in International Business and E-Commerce. She is a published author where her latest were the ‘UN-ESCWA Manual’ and the ‘Guiding Principal Booklet on National Policy Formulation.’

Ms. Aswad is a seasoned communicator, a public speaker; a well-traveled and multi-lingual professional. She is fluent in English, French and Arabic. 


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