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The Recruitment Agency Interview

What to do, what to wear?

A number of months ago I wrote a blog about ‘What Not to Wear at an Interview which proved to be a popular topic. I’ve also recently experienced meeting with a number of job applicants who turned up to meet with me to discuss a job opportunity and let’s just say I was less than impressed with how they were presented and conducted themselves! A number of my colleagues also experience this on a regular basis, whereby an applicants’ CV is great but the reality of meeting the individual is the opposite. So it got me thinking…… do most job applicants take the ‘Recruitment Agency Interview’ seriously? Sometimes unfortunately not always the case in my experience. To ensure that you impress when meeting with a Recruitment Consultant below are a few simple questions and answers….

What is the purpose of a Recruitment Agency Interview?
When meeting a Recruitment Consultant you need to impress them so they will represent you to their clients. Remember that a Recruitment Consultant’s job is to fill vacancies for their clients and not to find jobs for applicants (there is a difference!), therefore they need to ensure that the applicants they forward to their clients are the best fit possible both in terms of their CV and how they conduct themselves at interview. Many Recruitment Consultants have strong relationships with their clients and are trusted to conduct the 1st round interview and may ‘shortlist’ applicants based on meeting with them i.e. if you don’t impress the Recruitment Consultant then your CV won’t make it as far as the client’s inbox.

How should you prepare for a Recruitment Agency Interview?
You really should prepare for a Recruitment Agency Interview in much the same way as a ‘proper’ interview. Firstly, get the basics right – know where you are going and be on time (when an applicant is late for a meeting with a Recruitment Consultant they will usually suspect the applicant will be late for a meeting with their client, not a good start!). Of course there are times when being late is unavoidable, if this happens, call ahead and let your Recruitment Consultant know.
If you are meeting to discuss a specific job and the job description has been sent to you by the Recruitment Consultant, make sure you have read it as it may form the basis for the conversation. Also do some research on the company with the job vacancy so the Recruitment Consultant knows you are taking the process seriously.

What to wear to a The Recruitment Agency Interview?
As above, this should really be  the same as a ‘proper’ interview if possible, smart business attire is always the best way to go (again, so the Recruitment Consultant can get a sense of how you will present at interview with their client). Have a read ofhttp://www.abrivia.ie/blog/what-not-to-wear-at-an-interview for the dos and don’ts of interview attire. In a situation where you are meeting with a Recruitment Consultant on your lunch break, early morning etc. it may not always be possible to be ‘suited and booted’ for your meeting as it may raise suspicion in work. In this case, let the Recruitment Consultant know that you may be more casually dressed but make sure you are still polished and professional.
Hopefully the above tips will help you get the most from meeting with Recruitment Consultants so that they can represent you in the best way possible to their clients. Just think, if they are taking the time to meet with you they think your CV is a good match and they really want you to be impressive in person – it’s up to you to make that great impression!


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