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ETF Lebanon MISMES Report with Dr. Guita Hourani

"In previous years the European Training Foundation (ETF) conducted studies on migration and skills, focusing on specific countries neighbouring the European Union (EU) (ETF, 2013; World Bank and ETF, 2010). This earlier research provided evidence on the skills profiles of migrants, and how those skills are underutilised abroad and upon return. It also demonstrated the need to develop policy measures to support migrants in improving their skills to match the available jobs, for the benefit of the receiving countries, the countries of origin and the migrants themselves (ETF, 2014)."
Dr. Guita Hourani acted as Country Expert for ETF Lebanon MISMES Report. The report is the product of the collaboration between Dr. Hourani, ETF expert Francesca Rosso, with revision complemented by Dr. Ruth Ferrero-Turrion of Spain. The report is provides migration facts and figures for the three specific migrant groups in Lebanon and reviews key aspects of migration policies, legal frameworks and stakeholders in the country. It further gives an overview of the MISMES inventory, including a list of all migrant support measures and initiatives mapped in Lebanon. The report focuses on three promising MISMES initiatives selected from the full MISMES inventory, chosen as examples of good practice for more detailed case studies. It concludes with recommendations on the success of such initiatives for policy makers.

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