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Youth Engagement in Lebanon Political Life at NDU

In the context of enhancing the students’ engagement in political life, Dr. Guita Hourani invited the President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) Amin Nehme to speak at the closing session of her course Government and Politics of Lebanon at the Notre Dame University (NDU), Lebanon.

Nehme opened the session with a question about ‘identity.’ The aim behind asking each and every student about his/her identity was to see where does the “Lebanese” identity fall amongst the several other identities each student relates to, or the several roles each student plays simultaneously.

Afterwards, he proceeded with the analysis of the several other identities each student holds, and how important these roles are for them as citizens. Knowing very well that Lebanon is the country of 19 sects; among the discussed identities was the issue of sects and how much weight do they hold in regards to Lebanese belonging.

An open discussion was held on ‘what would each student do as a responsible Lebanese citizen in case of national crisis.’ Different answers were given, discussed, and reflected upon.

The last topic was about ‘how every single individual; regardless of age, gender, religion, and political belonging can be an influential factor of change towards what is a better Lebanon.’

Nehme concluded by emphasizing the importance of today’s Lebanese youth in not only dreaming of a better Lebanon, but also working hard to achieve the country they desire.

He also stressed on the importance of perseverance and change, regardless of any obstacles one would face.

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