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Karam El-Dik Selected for Telemachus Program

As part of the Global Thinkers Mentors, GTF has created two programmes ‘Telemachus’ and ‘Athena’, that aim to add value to young people's lives and also to the lives of women above the age of 30, through their close interaction with thought leaders and inspiring individuals.

In this context, for both programmes GTF will pair mentors with mentees. The areas of mentoring are: Governance & Public Office, Accountable Leadership, Media, Business, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Career, Academia, Non Profit and Science.

For this year, Karam El-Dik, a Lebanese young professional, has been selected by the Global Thinkers Mentors (GTM) as the mentee of Amin Nehme, the President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN).

El-Dik is 27 years old and works as a management consultant with Deloitte and Touche – Middle East. He is the founder of a youth led social enterprise where he supported university students in developing their leadership skills and providing them with a platform to create social impact globally. He served as an advisory board member for a consulting organization which provides professional services to social enterprises and NGOs. Karam is an AUB graduate with a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. He is an aspiring entrepreneur, a professional scrabble player, and an avid traveler where he visited more than 40 countries to date.

GTF Mentees are provided with a personalized development opportunity to address individual learning needs. This opportunity will help them over a period of eight months to develop new skills and expertise, and to enhance, enrich and expand their professional and personal perspectives. GTF Mentors will help mentees also with confidence-building in dealing with challenges and issues. They will also assist with advice on career development and personal growth as well as their networking opportunities.

As a result of this process, GTF mentees will 'graduate' far better equipped to set goals, to aim high and achieve them.

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