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The State of our State Index 2017

As with every year since 2010, the Lebanon Renaissance Foundation (LRF) communicates the State of our State Index.

It compiles, on an annual basis, the observations of 13 people hailing from diverse backgrounds, and all ranking and senior members of the Foundation (civil society activists, former ministers and business leaders) and whose profiles can be found on LRF’s website. (About Us - Board of Directors and Senior Staff)
In what follows is a description of the index, its rationale and methodology.

Intro & goal:
Basic functions of a State are to provide physical security, efficient institutions and a capable administration. The Goal of this index is to evaluate Lebanon’s situation and share results with the Lebanese public in a succinct manner. It also enables us to prioritize initiatives that are to be addressed by our foundation.

Inspired by similar approaches created by various research & analysis groups, 13 criteria have been specifically adopted to reflect the Lebanese conditions. Those same criteria are also evaluated for a model country (Norway) thus enabling the final Lebanese result to be compared to a benchmark would be model.
Each of the following 13 criteria is evaluated on a 0 to 10 scale (worst to best) by the evaluators for both Lebanon & Norway and a simple arithmetic average for all evaluators comes out as the index figure for the elapsed year.
1. Stability over 3 years
2. Citizens’ personal security
3. Government control over territory
4. Capacity to resist foreign influence
5. Rule of law
6. Quality of political leadership
7. Freedom of speech
8. Cultural and religious tolerance
9. Efficiency of civil society
10.Limiting corruption
11.Confidence in public institutions
12.Economic transparency
13. Sovereign debt settlement record
The evaluation process is established in January on yearly basis, enabling the index release within the same period.
Last year (2016) result:
Lebanon 3.7/10
Norway 8.3/10


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