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Beirut Institute Summit, May 12 & 13 - Abu Dhabi, UAE


The Arab region is in the midst of a rapid and historic transformation in parallel with a period of arguably an unprecedented transition in the world – technologically, geopolitically, economically and socially. How the visionary reforms of key actors in the region intersect with the structural shifts underway globally will deeply affect the future trajectories of each. Building on the growing momentum of change, the outcome will be shaped by the choices we make today to construct the Arab region’s engagement in the emerging global future.

Beirut Institute Summit is a collaborative initiative impacting the Arab region, proactively. We will convene a wide spectrum of thinkers including political leaders, senior policy makers, prominent intellectuals, leading CEOs, and civil society leaders to reflect on the evolving relationship between the Arab region and the world. Our focus will be on designing actionable policies and innovative solutions to turn back the forces of destruction and advance the construction of the Arab region’s engagement in the emerging global future.

The Summit aims to:
- Inspire leaders with policies and ideas for solutions and enhanced decisions on how to construct the Arab region’s engagement in the emerging future;
- Create a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector and intergenerational platform for collaboration on future policies;
- Launch a strategic and pragmatic discussion across traditional policy domains on the opportunities to spark a positive spiral of change in the relationship between the region and the wider world;
- Announce Beirut Institute’s agenda for 2018-2019… more

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