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Zoom In: Khawla Ben Aicha

Khawla Ben Aicha is a Tunisian politician and one of the youngest members of the Tunisian parliament. She is the Head of Foreign Affairs of Machrou Tounes (Project for Tunisia) political party and elected member of its executive board.

Early Life
Khawla Ben Aicha was born in May 1988. She was born in France and come back to Tunisia when she was 5 years old to attend school there. She returned to France for her high studies. She holds a Masters’ degree in Marketing and Foreign Affairs from ESGCI Paris (Business School) , an MBA in Marketing & Advertising , another Masters’ degree in foreign languages and cultures from UniversiteĢ de Nancy and is actually preparing a PhD in information and communication sciences (about The evolution of the representation of Tunisian women in the advertising scene ) .

She also worked as professor assistant at UniversiteĢ de Lorraine, professor assistant at the European business school in Paris but was also consultant in Marketing and communication for several French companies.

Found of foreign languages, she speaks fluently Arabic, French, English and Spanish.

Political Career
In 2012, she joined the regional office of  Nidaa Tounes party in Paris and was in charge of communication.

In 2014 she run for the first legislative election after the constituent and was elected to represent Tunisians living in France with more than 15000 voices ( She was second on the list).

She also was member of Nidaa Tounes executive board and a member of the party’s foreign affairs committee.

She resigned from Nidaa Tounes party and parliamentary group on the 23rd of December 2015 and was a founding member of Machrou Tounes political party and parliamentary group. She was elected after the constitutive convention as member of the party’s executive board as head of foreign affairs.

At the assembly, she is member of the committee of Tunisians living abroad and the committee of administration organization and armed forces affairs.


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