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Makhzoumi Foundation

Contact Person: Samer Safah
Address: Mazraa, Barbour, Zreik Street, Makhzoumi Building.
P.O. Box: 13-5009
Telephone: +9611661346
Mobile: +9613653094
Fax: +9611663901
Email: info@makhzoumi-foundation.org
Website: www.makhzoumi-foundaion.org
Makhzoumi Foundation is a private Lebanese non-profit organization.The foundation contributes through its programs to the civil society development by providing its services to Lebanese Citizens throughout Lebanon.Our Mission is working towards: - Evolution of the Lebanese Civil Society - Enhancement of the Potentials of Lebanese human resources - Enforcement of Self-responsibility & independence - Emphasizing the importance of Environmental Preservation - Encouraging the quest of Education - Encompassing good Health Care Our Programs: - Training Centers Program - Micro Credit Program - Health Care & Clinics Program - Awareness Program - Agriculture & Enviroment Program We have structured our programs in the hope that this will lead us to reach our vision, which is to have: - More literacy and IT experience to be able to ride the globalization tide - More men & women contributing to the economical growth of Lebanon - More entrepreneurs and new businesses created - More environmental awareness through a greener and cleaner Lebanon - More cultural & educational venues available to all - More preventive treatments and better medical care