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Contact Person: Dr.Mustapha Adib
Address: Ezzeddine bldg.602-Massaref Street-Tripoli
P.O. Box: 30 Tripoli-Lebanon
Telephone: 06-499990
Mobile: 03-247417
Fax: 06-499991
Email: cesmo@cesmo.org
Website: www.cesmo.org
In-depth knowledge of the local and regional situation is the main condition to efficient action of any kind, in the political as well as in the development areas. The mission of CESMO, in the field of applied research in geostrategy and geopolitics, is the study of the geographic area currently called “Middle-East”, which comprises the Near-East as well as the whole of adjacent states. This vast geographic area is the meeting-point of several major contact lines: ethnic, political, religious, economic and social. There, are concentrated many conflicts and risk factors putting the balance of the whole Euro-Asian area at stake. It also concentrates many political, as well as economic and social challenges. Our mission is therefore to work, through the implementation of specific development and education to democracy projects, at reaching a more equalitarian and fair society. That is why CESMO works in 6 main areas: Geopolitics & Geostrategy, Democracy & Good Governance, Security Sector management & Reform, Development, Conflict Analysis & Conflict Prevention Strategies, Dialogue among the Cultures