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Contact Person: Laura Sfeir Schinder
Address: Beirut- Ras Nabah street- Salam bldg- 3rd floor Tripoli-Amine Mokaddem Street-Abdul wahab bldg-2nd floor
P.O. Box: 14-5745
Telephone: 01.622899/06.624060
Mobile: 03.829809/ 03.924089
Fax: 01.622899/06.624060
Email: lecorvaw@inco.com.lb
Website: www.lebanesewomen.org
The Lebanese Council to Resist Violence against Women (LECORVAW) is a non Governmental Organization that was founded in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, by March 1997 and in Tripoli, Northern Lebanon by 1999. The overall aim of LECORVAW is to Combat, resist & eliminate all forms of violence & discrimination against women through direct aid “counseling” for abused females, legal reform (Advocacy & Lobbying), Research & Publication, Awareness of the Lebanese civil society & Empowerment socio-economic of women. It seeks to promote women rights, moreover the abused women & girls victims of domestic violence considered as one of most vulnerable & marginalized category in our society especially to endorse the gender-equality & to contribute in resisting the Gender-based Violence (GBV) & VAW issue.