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Lebanese Autism Society

Contact Person: Mrs. Arwa El Amin Halawi
Address: College du Sacré-Coeur, Gemmayzeh Beirut, Lebanon
P.O. Box: POBox:113/5819, Beirut, Lebanon
Telephone: 9611449988
Mobile: 9613232427
Fax: 9611443366
Email: Las@autismlebanon.org
Website: www.autismlebanon.org
OUR IDENTITY The Lebanese Autism Society –LAS is a non-governmental organization (registered by official decree No.19/AD dated March 10, 1999). The LAS was founded by parents of children with Autism and some professionals. To this date, more than 400 members joined the Association. LAS is a founding member and the coordinator of the Arab Network for Autism (ANA) and of the National Committee for Autism in Lebanon. LAS is also a member of different national and international organizations including Union Nationale des Associations de Parents et d’Institutions pour Enfants Inadaptés (UNAPIEI), World Autism Organization (WAO), AUTISM EUROPE, Association pour la Recherche sur l’Autisme et le Prévention des Inadaptations(ARAPI). OUR VISION The well being of Individuals with Autism in Lebanon. OUR MISSION The LAS mission is to advocate for the rights of individuals with Autism and to provide them and their families support and services, from early childhood to adulthood. The implementation of our mission focuses on the following areas: • Early Diagnosis and Intervention emphasizing the development of highly structured, specialized educational programs tailored to the individual needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities • The promotion and support of the social integration of children and teenagers with Autism • Building capacities of professionals and institutions providing services to children with Autism in Lebanon • Spreading public awareness in regards to Autism and Autism Spectrum disorders. OUR CURRENT PROJECTS Since its initiation, LAS has been involved over the years with programs and activities that address the needs of children and teenagers with Autism in Lebanon. This was possible through a comprehensive modular approach that emphasized intervention programs, advocacy and awareness. LAS current projects include:  CCA Fr/En: Classes for Children with Autism is a school integration program which started in 2000 and aims at providing special education for children with Autism in a general education system  CDIP: Early Diagnosis and Intervention Center, implemented with funding from Al Walid Bin Talal Foundation in 2005, is a Center that provides Early Diagnosis and Intervention for children with Special needs.  TSA: Technical School for Adolescents with Autism, launched in 2006, provides vocational training opportunities for Adolescent with Autism through special and regular vocational training. OUR FUTURE PROJECT • Specialized Community Living and Learning Center for Autism: The establishment of the specialized center is in response to actual urgent needs and aims mainly at facilitating the transition of youth with Autism into Adulthood. The center would provide support in the areas of adaptive living skills, independent living arrangements, supported employment/education, social skills development and recreational opportunities. OUR ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS • Training for local and regional organization dealing with Autism • Local and regional conferences and seminars • Workshops on Autism for different target groups such as parents, caregivers or professionals • Publications related to Autism • Monthly support group • Yearly awareness campaign OUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT The LAS has been able to initiate and implement its projects through funding of local and international institutions and governments. The main funding sources included so far: • Funds collected from the annual fund raising activities such as the Fun day, the gala dinner • Grants from International agencies and governments such as the European Union, World Bank, Oxfam Quebec and Embassies. • Individual donations • Contributions from parents • Subsidies from the Ministry of Social Affairs HOW CAN YOU HELP? • Become a member of the Lebanese Autism Society • Apply to our sponsorship program and choose a project you want to fund • Buy chocolate from our teenagers’ chocolate factory • Contribute in 10$ / month for scholarship • Participate in 1$ campaign • Or simply send your donations to the following bank account number: _________________________________________________________ IBAN USD: LB22 0056 0002 9327 5461 0020 2103 LBP: LB81 0056 0002 9327 5461 0010 2101 Bank Audi- Verdun Branch - Beirut - Lebanon Tel\ Fax: 01/443366 01/449988 P.O Box 113/5819 Beirut- Lebanon Email: las@autismlebanon.org Web site: www.autismlebanon.org