About us


Mothers From Lebanon

Contact Person: Kholoud W Kassem
Address: verdun- Beirut Lebanon
P.O. Box: 1565
Telephone: 01785070
Mobile: 03835139
Fax: 01787272
Email: kholoudwkassem@yahoo.com
Website: mothersfromlebanon.org
Our Mission is "To provide care and support to marginalized street children by ensuring a safe environment, creating better living conditions and enhancing sustainable change to improve their wellbeing." Our primary focus is the child development, an approach that recognizes the value and potential of each individual we rescue by providing him/her the ability to grow up and become a positive influence in their communities. Finally, we believe that no child should be denied access to health care, education, and supportive family environment, or even to be forced by circumstance to look to the street for a livelihood or for accommodation. Thus, we are all invited to work together with those children at risk in order to ensure that they have access to basic services and the means to improve their lives.