About us


Howard Karagheusian Association for Child Welfare

Contact Person: Serop Ohanian
Address: Bourj Hammoud, Marash Street, Karagheusian avenue,
P.O. Box: 80340 Bourj Hammoud
Telephone: 00961-1-263030
Mobile: 00961-3-558951
Fax: 00961-1-260537
Email: oserop@hotmail.com; serop.ohanian@hkcc.org.lb
Website: www.hkcc.org.lb
The Howard Karagheusian Association for Child Welfare is a Primary Health Care Center established in Lebanon in 1946. Vision: • To provide the complete wellbeing of the child • To relieve those in distress and endeavor to their physical, moral, and social development within their families and their environment Mission: • To follow the child in the family, in the school, in the street, in his environment, in his leisure time and prepare him or her to meet the difficulties of time. The Center follows the health model that the World Health Organization set which states that "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"