About us


Committee of Employee Women Union in North Lebanon

Contact Person: Asma Moustafa
Address: tripoli/kobbe Akkar al attika
P.O. Box: none
Telephone: 06382280
Mobile: 70520019
Fax: none
Email: asma.moustafa@gmail.com
Website: none
GOALS OF THE ORGANIZATION: 1.The development of the family, mother and child and support for civil rights to give citizenship to her child. 2.Strengthening the capacity of women’s economic and social development through lectures, symposia or boards of dialogue or releases and media releases. 3.Pay attention to women widowed , elderly ,disabled, and homeless and help them to gain their civil rights 4.Strengthen the economic capacity by providing soft loans to small development projects Empowering Women through their education career assist in prevention of poverty and unemployment