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SOS Children's Villages Lebanon

Contact Person: Lina Sarkis
Address: Monseigneur Chibli Street Jisr El Bacha Sin El Fil
P.O. Box: 55-242 Beirut, Lebanon
Telephone: 961 1 499808
Mobile: NA
Fax: 961 1 499808
Email: soslib@dm.net.lb
Website: www.sos.org.lb
SOS Children's Villages Lebanon is a non-profit private social organization, both politically and denominationally independent. It was founded in 1964 and registered in the ministry of Social Affairs under No. 189/AD. It is legally recognized as a Lebanese welfare organization under the decree of public utility No. 5830. SOS Children's Villages is a child focused organisation that provides services in the areas of care, education and health for children who have already lost or are at risk of losing parental care. The organisation also strengthens the capacity of the children's carers, their families and communities to provide adequate care. Finally, SOS Children’s Villages also advocates the rights of children without parental care. There are 4 SOS Children's Villages (in Bhersaf- Metn, Kfarhay- Batroun, Sferai- South, and Ksarnaba- Bekaa), 3 Youth Houses for boys and 3 for girls, in addition to 2 Social Centers (Beirut and Ksarnaba) SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon supports 2500 children and their caregivers every year. Family-based child care(within the SOS Children’s Villages and Youth Houses) The loss of and/or separation from his/her family has a fundamental impact on a child, leaving him/her particularly vulnerable when left without the nurturing care of a protective and supportive family environment. An SOS family takes care of comprehensively satisfying children’s development needs through quality care. It ensures safety and stability and in particular looks after the child’s emotional and psychosocial needs. It provides the child with a place of individual and communitarian growth and belonging, and is a permanent source for social learning and integration. The child is offered individual accompaniment and care until he/she is able to lead a full and independent life in society, or is reintegrated into his/her biological family. Every child benefits from individual child development planning which supports the flourishment of his/her talents from the first day in an SOS family and ensures the child’s own participation in the process and decision-making. The Family Strengthening Programme(through the SOS Social Centres) The Family Strengthening Programme, through providing short term emergency assistance and a long term empowering package, enables families at risk of child abandonment and thus the children's right to a family is ensured. SOS Children's Villages Lebanon starts by helping the families financially and meeting urgent requirements. Then the care givers (mother or older sibling, since most of these families have lost the father one way or another) are helped to acquire specific craft skills. These families are hence empowered to achieve economic independence and thus the ultimate goal is achieved: the prevention of child abandonment.