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Heba Nassar, Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science(FEPS) Cairo University(CU) and Vice President of CU since 1st of August 2008 . Was the Chair of the Economic Department in 2007-2008 and Vice Dean for Community Development and Vice Chair for all academic centers at (FEPS) over the period 2004-2007. Over the period 1998-2005 she was the Director of the Center for Economic and Financial Research and Studies(CEFRS) at FEPS. Heba Nassar is also a fellow of the Economic Research Forum since 2003 and a member of the Advisory Board of the Migration Policy Center, Medittaranean Institute University. She is a member of the Talloires Network ( an international association of institutions committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education.) since 2008 and a member of the UN working Group on Global Compact for Universities since 2010. Currently also she is a member of the Regulatory Board of the Electricity Holding Member. She is a member of the Economic Committee of the National Academy for Science and Technology and is also a member of the Economic Committee of the Higher Council of Universities and a member of the Health Committee of the National Specialized Committee. After teaching at the full then part time and currently visiting Research Professor at the Social Research Center of the American University in Cairo. She has also participated as a Peer reviewer of the Qatari National Research Fund since 2010 and was co researcher of the Consortium for Applied Research in Migration at the Meditteranean Institute in Italy since 2004 till 2010 and a member at the Citizenship Committee at the Higher Council of Culture over the yars 2009-2010. Over the period 1994-2008 she became also a member in several academic, national and international associations such as the Steering Committee of the Research Alliance For Development (RAD)(World Bank Paris), a member of the Board of the Holding Company of Electricity, a member of the Permanent Scientific Committee for Promotion of Professors in Economics in Egypt, a Member of the Global Power Council, a member of the Executive Population Committee at the Ministry of Population and Family and the Ministry of Health. She was also the National Coordinator for several international and national programs at the International Labour Office in Cairo, the Ministry of Environment, World Food Program, World Health Organization, UNIFEM and UNDP and UNESCWA. Has several publications and papers in national and international academic conferences and proceedings in different areas such as labor market, skills development, education, microfinance, MDG’s, structural adjustment, small business and microfinance, women economic participation, Human Resource Development, Poverty, Social Protection, Population studies, Privatization, Migration and Trade,Structural Adjustment, social policies….