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Movement of Lebanese Nationalism

Contact Person: Shady Zoghby
Address: Beirut, Lebanon
P.O. Box: 9613544295
Telephone: 9613544295
Mobile: 9613544295
Fax: 9613544295
Email: Cedar.Guard@X-C-L.org
Website: www.X-C-L.org
Movement of Lebanese Nationalism is a Lebanese political party, associated to: 1- "The Young Beirut" (bayrouth al fatat) established by Yousef El Sawda, the Father of Lebanese Nationalism: Played a leading role during the liberation of Lebanon from the Ottoman Empire and establishing the modern state of Lebanon- The Great Lebanon in 1920. 2- "The Lebanese Renewal Party" (hezb al tajadoud al loubnani), by Master Said Akl (poet, writer, and philosopher), established in 1973 as an elitist intellectual political party. 3- "Cedar Guards" (Hurras al Arz), under Leader Ethan Sakr a.k.a. Abu Arz: A Lebanese Militia which defended Lebanon against Palestinians, Syrians, and the American-Arab Conspiracy which lead to the Taef Accord and the political Arabization of Lebanon. Today, the Movement of Lebanese Nationalism (X-C-L) adopts the Lebanese Nationalism Ideology in a modern political framework which suits the intellectual, social, and political era. For more information: www.X-C-L.org