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Promoting Active Citizen Engagement (PACE) Program

Contact Person: Office Manager
Address: Beirut
P.O. Box: 113-6399
Telephone: 01-738-507
Mobile: 01-738-507
Fax: 01-738-507
Email: info@msi-lebanon.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/PACELebanon
Promoting Active Citizen Engagement (PACE) is a USAID-funded program that aims to strengthen Lebanese civil society capacity to act as a catalyst for change through civic advocacy and participation. The PACE program provides grants, technical assistance, and training to Lebanese civil society organizations (CSOs) to support activities that enhance citizenship values, social entrepreneurship, and public awareness of citizen concerns and policy issues. PACE targets beneficiaries across the country, with a particular focus on youth, women, and vulnerable groups. It works with and through Lebanese CSOs that are committed to non-partisan, non-confessional approaches to civic engagement.