About us


Jouzour Loubnan

Contact Person: Hiba Aboulhosn
Address: Beirut - Lebanon
P.O. Box: 2064-5809
Telephone: +961 1 429666
Mobile: +961 71 124000
Fax: +961 1 398040
Email: contact@jouzourloubnan.org
Website: www.jouzourloubnan.org
Jouzour Loubnan’s mission is to participate in the restoration of Lebanese woodland and promote sustainable forestation mainly in arid regions. The success of their forestation campaigns resides in their commitment to ensure the appropriate irrigation, guardianship and protection of the trees they plant for at least 3 years. Jouzour Loubnan has three interconnected goals: PLANT mainly in arid regions • Increase the woodland area in Lebanon by planting indigenous species to restore degraded high mountain ecosystems and develop wildlife habitats. EMPOWER local communities • Empower the local community to protect, manage, promote and benefit from the projects. PROMOTE environmental awareness • Promote environmental awareness of our natural resources amongst younger generations, locals and officials.