About us


Azadea Foundation

Contact Person: Rena Timsah
Address: Jnah, Beirut, Lebanon
P.O. Box: 14-6040 Beirut 1105 2090, Lebanon
Telephone: 00961(1) 835 111 Ext. 1411
Mobile: none
Fax: 00961 (1) 824 664
Email: rana.timsah@azadea.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/AzadeaFoundation
Founded in 2011, Azadea Foundation is an NGO managed, financed and sponsored exclusively by Azadea board members and employees. Its VISION is to be the leading regional foundation in creating and RESTORING GREEN SPACES in cooperation with international organizations both NGOs and governmental agencies. Its MISSION is to carry out, organize and SUPPORT ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS. Azadea Foundation has hosted two plantation days to date; planting over 2,500 trees in the woodlands of Lebanon. In 2014, Azadea Foundation fully renovated the historical 22,000 square meter Rene Mouawad - Sanayeh Garden. Located in the heart of Beirut, the garden now includes several amenities including children playgrounds, bicycle and running tracks, an amphitheater, an exhibition area and reading areas, all in line with international standards. The foundation along with other environmental projects, will continue to preserve the greenery and cultural heritage of the garden through a 10-years’ maintenance plan.