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British Council

Contact Person: Elie Gemayel
Address: British Council Berytech Bldg, 8th floor Mathaf/Sodeco Street - Beirut Lebanon
P.O. Box: 2064 1509
Telephone: 01428900
Mobile: 71802528
Fax: 01428908
Email: general.enquiries@lb.britishcouncil.org
Website: www.britishcouncil.org.lb
We connect people with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK. We develop your skills in English, Education, Arts and Society. Our work in society helps citizens and institutions contribute to a more inclusive, open and prosperous world and connects local issues to global themes, ranging from social action to diversity and youth issues. We employ our global expertise and local understanding to address local issues such as citizenship, socio-economic justice and governance. We work in an inclusive manner making sure youth, women, people with disabilities, and marginalised groups are better represented and heard.