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Contact Person: Saiid Saber
Address: Office #23, Etoile Center El Aarid Street, Ain El Remaneh Beirut, Lebanon
P.O. Box: +961-1-288-785
Telephone: +961-1-288-785
Mobile: +961-3-062-813
Fax: +961-1-288-785
Email: info@saber-mena.com
Website: www.saber-mena.com
Saber {Spanish/Portuguese for knowledge, learning, wisdom and wit}, is a young firm established by Saiid Saber and dedicated towards serving companies in the MENA region by transferring knowledge about best-in-class practices to unleash their potential in Supply Chain & Logistics Operations. We provide consulting, training and research services focused around enhancing Operations and Supply Chain Management to achieve high business and financial performance that without any doubt will help companies in building capacities of their talents and outperforming their rivals! Our services include training and advisory services on Supply Chain Management practices, Sourcing and Procurement, Warehousing Practices & Inventory Management, Cost Reduction, Performance Improvement and Business Process Re-engineering, among others. Saber Knowledge Transferred Transferencia del Saber