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Blue Mission Organization

Contact Person: Sana El Bizri
Address: Saida, Barrad region, Nahouli building
P.O. Box: 180
Telephone: +9617732636
Mobile: +9613318707
Fax: +9617732636
Email: bluemission@gmail.com
Website: www.bluemission.org
Blue Mission is founded on humanitarian and egalitarian ideals. We believe in the intrinsic worth and dignity of every human being and are committed to the values of acceptance, self-determination, and respect of individuality. We believe in the obligation of all people, individually and collectively, to provide resources, services, and opportunities for the overall benefit of humanity. Our approach to development is holistic and is based on human rights with a psychosocial focus as its cornerstone. Through our programs, we have gained extensive experience raising awareness and building capacity through activities and trainings. OFFICIAL REGISTRATION Blue Mission and its Training Centre for Community Development (TCCD) were founded in September 2002 as a Lebanese cooperative to work on the implementation of social development programs. In 2006 it changed its registration to non-governmental organization (NGO) under the Lebanese Statute (File 1044). CURRENT PROJECTS Ambassadors of Peace This is our central program under whose philosophy and methodology all of our other programs fall. Ambassadors of Peace prepares children and youth to become responsible citizens in all aspects of their lives, to become self-aware of their own actions and their interactions actions with others, to develop their capacities, and to understand their role in protecting human rights in the world. Our program provides them with support they need to continue in this process of working with other children after the trainings. The children we first worked with in 2002 were able, as youth during the 2006 war, to help other children deal with their experiences. As part of this program we work through schools to access students and provide trainings once a week in constructive problem solving, citizenship, and human rights. We also work in parallel with teachers and parents to provide trainings in positive discipline. This project has been implemented in schools across Lebanon as well as through the Ministry of Education in Yemen and in women’s prisons in Syria. From Village to Village 1 & 2 Our From Village to Village projects are a continuation of Ambassadors of Peace programs we have implemented in schools and bring together youth from greater Saida and villages in the south. The central idea is that violence is a decision not a reaction. By learning to recognize the sources of their anger and understand their emotions, they can channel this energy in a positive and constructive direction. Using art, theater, music, and community development as a vehicle for positive self-expression, the youth build self-esteem and self-confidence. The project allows them to recognize and develop their talents and interests. In this way, they clarify their goals and are given the resources to achieve them. Each of this projects established three youth clubs with forty youth members. These clubs were led by youth leaders who received specialized trainings in project management and leadership. In addition to working with psychosocial trainers in theater, music, dabkeh, and computer technology, the youth also attended citizenship workshops and psychosocial trainings. Each club was given a small budget to start their own community project. The youth were responsible for all aspects from the initial proposal and budget through getting quotes and implementation. Projects have included public bus stops, benches in town centers, and a youth library.