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Title: KYATA ‎ Winter University for Security Studies
Date: 16-Dec-2016 to 19-Dec-2016
Location: NATO Corner of National Library of Kosovo

KYATA ‎ Winter University for Security Studies
16 – 19 December 2016, Prishtina, Kosovo

Kosovo Youth Atlantic Treaty Association has the immense pleasure of inviting you to participate in the event: KYATA “‎ Winter University for Security Studies” to be held on 16 - 19 December, 2016 at NATO Corner of National Library of Kosovo.

This Winter University provides a unique opportunity for university and college students to study the role, structure and activities of NATO and other security organizations, as well as the military, political – security, and economic issues facing the Alliance. Through this WU, students gain a better and clearer understanding of the capabilities and constraints that shape the policies of NATO and EU countries in determining matters of Collective Security. Apart from dealing with a prepared agenda, students grapple with a contemporary crisis to be revealed at the WU.

Each participating university, students or participants will write an article that must meet the criteria’s to be published in online magazine of the WU. Upon the registration, participants shall receive preparatory material, which include the Agenda, WU Handbook and pertinent NATO publications and other sources.

KYATA "Winter University for Security Studies" is designed to:
a. Increase awareness of the role, organization and activities of NATO in the defense of shared democratic values;
b. Highlight the major military – security and political issues facing NATO and EU Member States;
c. Demonstrate patterns of cooperation and conflict that characterize intra – NATO diplomacy;
d. Increase the knowledge for current crises that are threatening our societies, hybrid warfare, refugees and other major security concerns.
e. Balkan crossroads Russian influence v/s Euro-Atlantic Integration of the region
f. Demonstrate the need for effective diplomatic, economic, and military cooperative actions in an unfolding crisis situation.

This activity will take place in Prishtina, the capital of the Republic of Kosovo. While, for the foreign students taking part in this event, the accommodation and meals will be provided at the Private Apartments in Prishtina.

Topics that will be discussed include:

- What is NATO?
- What is EUCFSP?
- The role of special units to combat special operations against “lonely wolfs”
- International security and new wars unconventional threats,
- Responsibility to protect, national security in a globalizing world,
- Terrorism, international terrorist organization, how to defeat terrorist groups
- International security organizations.
- Refugees crises,

Target Group:
a. Students and young professionals with different academic backgrounds and a general interest in security and Euro – Atlantic integration;
b. Students young professionals interested to develop their intercultural and interdisciplinary learning process;
c. Students young professionals, civil servants, mass communication experts, young politicians and even parliamentary officials who want to further their knowledge of the NATO processes; and
d. The ones who are interested about security policies and institutions, European politics, laws, history or culture.

Application for participation:
All participants interested to take part in this simulation, must send their CVs and Motivation Letters to: kyata.kosova@gmail.com, by 10th December, 2016, at 23:59h.

Participants Eligible to apply:
All participants or candidates that NEED NO VISA TO ENTER to the Republic of Kosovo are eligible to apply at the KYATA KYATA “‎ Winter University for Security Studies”.

Tuition Fee:
The tuition fee differs from where are you from. Therefore, the tuition fees are as follow:
- For the participants from Kosovo, the tuition fee is 85 Euros;
- For the participants from all other states is 125 Euros.

* All costs regarding the bank transfer of the participation fees so called transfer fees, have to be covered by the interested applicants / participants.

These tuition fees will include:
- For the participants from Kosovo, it will include three lunches, lectures, workshops, materials and social events;
- For the participants from all other states, it will include housing for three nights, nine meals, lectures, workshops, materials and social events.

Again, thanks to the generosity of KYATA and its great Partners, supporters and sponsors, the students exchange remains its highest priority in whose activities you can make use of the low cost of this event in comparison with other International events and activities in the Balkan Peninsula and abroad. For a very reasonable price you will get the highest academic standards including a University Scholarship and an exciting cultural and social academic program in the Republic of Kosovo.

The only thing you have to worry about is to get concentrated only on studying, giving your best and enjoying yourself. Furthermore, the only costs not included in the price are travel costs and health insurances.

For more information and registration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

E-mail: kyata.kosova@gmail.com
Tel: +377 (0) 45 603 619
FB: YataKosova

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