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Institution: BASIC Outlet Stores
Country: Lebanon
Deadline: Feb-28-19


Company: Basic Outlet Stores
Job Type: Sales-Retail
Location: Lebanon - Beirut
Date Posted: Feb 06, 2018
Salary: 1000 USD
Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
Gender: Female
Duties & Responsibilities
I. Customer Service
To provide an exceptional shopping experience, the SSA need to perform the following tasks:
• Greet and acknowledge customers and ascertain what each customer wants or needs.
• Recommend, select, and help locate or obtain merchandise based on customer needs and desires.
• Listen to customer inquiries and complaints, and respond adequately.
• Stay abreast the different brands, price ranges, latest sales and discounts, new arrival and event dates.
• Monitor assigned section activities to ensure that all customers receive satisfactory service.
• Examine merchandise in assigned section to identify items that need reorder or replenishment and inform runners.
• Make customers feel that they are special and always getting a deal.
• Be sensitive to customer's time and be proactive in helping speeding up the shopping process.
II. Good Store Image
The Sales Associate needs to present a good and positive store image to all our customers at all time. To do so, follow the following tasks:
• Supervise runners to maintain a good visual display for all merchandise in your assigned section in accordance to Basic's presentation standards
• Supervise the cleaning team to maintain the store in a clean condition.
• Maintain merchandise quantity at an adequate level and in accordance to replenishment rules.
• Maintain merchandise free of defects by random checks on items in area, new items, or items returning from fitting room, and making sure they still have correct price tags and alarms.
• Build a good customer relation by being sociable, polite, and well spoken.
• Know all store regulations and rules, as well as the answers to the most frequently asked questions by customers.
• Know your products, and any new products that you receive in your section in order to identify hot items and be able to answer customers' questions regarding them.
III. Secondary Duties
The Sales Associate will need to be trained and ready to substitute or assist when required for the following:
• Cashier: Know how to operate the cash register and the rules for handling returns, accepting checks, and putting merchandise on hold.
• Fitting Room Supervisor: Know the rules and regulations for the fitting room, and ensure security, safety and privacy of the customer.

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