Author's Biography
Orania G. Daher, a Lebanese-Armenian author, quotes writer and poet, born on the 3rd of March 1980 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Growing up in a multinational family with different religious backgrounds, created a wider horizon in her life. She had to leave Lebanon at the age of three months to Hungary in Europe, due to the Lebanese civil war. She returned back to her homeland in 1990 to finish school and to attend university.

Collecting both her degrees in economics and in banking and finance from Lebanon. She decided to take back the plane and spend more time exploring the globe and to work and live with different cultures.  She lived in London where she got her Masters degree in international finance, and worked for few years to set after in the neighbouring country France and stayed a while too.

The French environment emphasized her romantic dreamer character. This dream did not last too long as her career was booming and she had to cross continents to land in the Gulf region and got established in Dubai. She excelled and exceeded in Dubai as one of the few IPO financial advisers.

She became the first certified investors’ relationship officer in the Middle East. The success story of Dubai dragged her to another successful story in the black continent, Africa. She became the CEO of a hospital in Kinshasa, DRC in central Africa.

During her explorations and all her travels, she was always seeking the “I” and she only found it between the lines of the hundreds books she read and her writings. Writing was and still is the only expression of her rebellious, untamed inner voice.

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