Empowering Women in the MENA Region
“Towards Equal Access with Men to Business and Trade Markets”

The Center of Arab Women for Training & Research (CAWTAR), Tunisia and The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation (KtK), Sweden entrered into a partnership to implement a new project entitled: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the MENA Region: “Towards Equal Access with Men to Business and Trade Markets.”

The main objective of the project is to foster a favorable environment for women entrepreneurship promotion and integration in business and trade markets.

The project’s major priority is to strengthen women entrepreneurs’ capacity to increase their access and control of resources equally with men entrepreneurs.

It seeks in return to: 1) improve the knowledge of businesswomen and men from a comparative gender analysis perspective that includes SMEs profiling; 2) enhance a Gender Sensitive Value Chain Analysis/GSVCA in a number of SMEs owned or managed by women and men, and 3) advance their economic and marketing activities by strengthening their export competitiveness of products and services.

The activities of this project will be implemented in six different countries such as: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia with the participation of a diversity of target audiences including, but not limited to, women and men entrepreneurs, SMEs, employers organizations, Chambers of commerce and industry, networks of business and trade organizations.