The global objective of this call for proposals is to support and empower civil society in protecting and promoting democracy, human rights, and fundamental freedoms worldwide.

In order to invite pilot actions in different parts of the world whilst maintaining geographical focus and maximum impact at country levels, this call for proposals has four geographical lots: Lot 1 – Africa, Lot 2 – Asia and the Pacific, Lot 3 – Latin America and the Caribbean and Lot 4 – Enlargement and Neighbourhood countries.

Specific objective of this call for proposals is to pilot a multi-country resource hub14, focused on addressing the dynamics (shrinking, opening) of civic, democratic, and civil society space. It should support civil society working on human rights and democracy and other actors to steer change towards greater respect for fundamental freedoms, civic engagement, and democratic governance and to elicit a more effective development process at the national level… more

Deadline: Nov 20, 2020