LDN’s intern Zeina Dimassy has reached third place in a Nobel Peace Prize competition hosted by Rider University, New Jersey and Notre Dame University, Lebanon.

The competition, which happened over the span of two months, included sixty university students and was in the presence of Deputy Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel committee, Asle Toje. Dimassy argued the case of Myanmar activist and peace facilitator Ja Nan Lahtaw throughout the competition, and was one of the top three finalists.

Dimassy went on to win an invitation from the Den Norske Nobelkomité/Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee to attend the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 Ceremony in Oslo, Norway, in December 2021.

There are 329 candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021 out of which 234 are individuals and 95 are organizations.

329 candidates are slightly more than last year (317) and the third highest number of candidates ever. The current record of 376 candidates was reached in 2016.

Neither the names of nominators nor of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize may be divulged until 50 years have elapsed.

Alfred Nobel showed a big interest in social issues and was engaged in the peace movement. His acquaintance with Bertha von Suttner, who was a driving force in the international peace movement in Europe and later awarded the Peace Prize, influenced his views on peace.

Peace was the fifth and final prize area that Nobel mentioned in his will. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by a committee elected by the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget).