LDN youth team members Zeina Dimassy, Elio Saati and Alec Donerian attended the Besme International Group for Humanitarian Assistance workshop held under the title “Syrian Refugees in Lebanon… Towards a Safe, Voluntary and Sustainable Return.”

The workshop was split into three parts. In the first part, a field report on the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon was presented to the participants. A short film was then screened on testimonies of Syrian refugees, and Dr. Gulshan Saglam from Besme Group presented the study of “the road map to Syrian refugees for sustainable repatriation voluntary and safe from human rights approach”. Lastly, Mr. Hajar Habshi spoke on the Tunisian experience with asylum.

During the second session, participants from the various organizations were distributed into working groups to develop an action plan for the civil society in order to activate the implementation of the strategy. The session was moderator by Joumana Merhi, the Director of the Arab Institute for Human Rights in Lebanon.

The workshop concluded with a series of recommendations from all constituents in addition to the formation of a follow-up committee.

* Besme Group for International Assistance is an independent non-profit organization that has no political or religious affiliation, and adheres to the principles of humanitarian and rights-based work, and adopts a policy of respecting human rights principles, especially the rights of women and children. Besme has a team of people with extensive experience in the field of humanitarian, legislative and developmental in Lebanon, and it takes Beirut as its headquarters.