In the context of promoting global peace, an initial meeting was held between the President of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) Amin Nehme and the Executive Director of the International Peace Bureau – IPB, Germany Reiner Braun.

The virtual meeting was attended as well by the IPB team members. It was dedicated to share impressions on common emerging issues and to address various matters related to cross-border cooperation.

Fruitful discussion was conducted between both parties where several ideas have been tackled aiming at enhancing a constructive collaboration.

IPB is a global organization with more than 300 member organisations in 70 countries, together with individual members, form a global network, bringing together knowledge and campaigning experience in a common cause.

IPB is dedicated to the vision of a World without War. The current main programme centres on Disarmament for Sustainable Development and within this, the focus is mainly on the reallocation of military expenditure.