The Department of State’s Office of Global Criminal Justice (GCJ) seeks applications for a collaborative program and mechanism to respond rapidly to global, time-sensitive, and locally-led opportunities to support transitional justice mechanisms and processes in order to promote justice and accountability for atrocities, including genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

The office supports the establishment and success of transitional justice mechanisms and processes to redress legacies of abuse and prevent their recurrence. These mechanisms and processes may be established by national governments, regional or international organizations, and be formed as part of any agreement between multiple parties.

GCJ believes that for transitional justice processes to be effective they should be: deployed as part of a comprehensive transitional justice strategy; transparent, independent and impartial; broadly consultative and participatory; gender integrated; context-specific; supported by civil society; designed to do no harm; and manage expectations through outreach.  As such, proposals are required to demonstrate empowerment of civil society, nongovernmental actors, and community leaders, particularly from disenfranchised communities, especially to integrate their perspectives into formal processes… more

Deadline: 02-Aug-21