The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Innovation Service has announced a call for proposals that provides targeted financial support to country operations interested in tackling specific challenges on Safety of forcibly displaced people online.

Digital literacy is vital to ensuring that individuals can safely, effectively and efficiently use technology. Lack of relevant digital skills and knowledge remains among the main barriers to accessing connectivity services worldwide. In an age where societies as a whole are digitising rapidly, and humanitarian assistance is increasingly being provided through remote digital channels, the importance of addressing this skills gap is vital in ensuring communities are able to navigate often new and unfamiliar digital engagements.

Furthermore, data literacy is specifically important as community members not only understand the systems and platforms they’re using, but what happens to the data they’re generating or providing, how this is processed and by whom. Critically, there are also different ways of addressing such challenges ranging from more top-down ‘campaigns’ to bottom-up community-driven approaches to enhancing understanding… more

Deadline: Ongoing