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Topic: Anger Management & Aggression Control
6pm - 9pm
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"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored
than to anything on which it is poured." – Mark Twain

Anger is a normal, natural emotional reaction to exasperating events and situations that happen: to you, around you, to someone you care for.  When anger becomes your reaction of choice to even the trivial situations, or if you find yourself lashing out unnecessarily at people you care for or associate with, your anger may be spiraling out of control.  Out of control anger may have detrimental effects on our health, relationships, careers, and wellbeing.
Anger management refers to the process by which a person learns how to identify stressors, take necessary steps to remain calm, and handle tense situations in a constructive, positive manner.
The purpose of anger management is to help a person decrease the heightened emotional and physiological arousal often associated with anger.
While it is generally impossible to avoid upsetting situations that might cause anger, a person may learn how to control reactions and respond in a more socially appropriate manner.

Course Topics
- Nature of anger
- Cognitive, behavioral and environmental triggers
- Anger and health
- The profile of an angry person
- Dealing with anger:
     o Changing your lifestyle
     o Time out
     o Assertive not aggressive
     o Untwisting your thinking
     o Building an emotional vocabulary
     o Use the S.O.L.V.E technique

Course Objectives
The course aims at equipping participants with some basic skills in order to:
- Understand the nature of anger and identify its causes
- Find more adaptive ways of coping with it from changing one’s thinking about the situation
- Use a systematic problem-solving approach to dealing with aggravating situations

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
- Recognize anger triggers in the daily life
- Take time out to prevent anger
- Act assertively in given situations
- Change ways of thinking to reframe an irritating situation
- Use specific emotional vocabulary to communicate negative feelings
- Use brief relaxation techniques to reduce emotional arousal
- Apply the S.O.L.V.E technique for problem-solving

Target Audience
All persons who find themselves adopting an angry lifestyle that has become detrimental to their relationships, careers or health and ready to consider more adaptive coping strategies to deal with upsetting situations. 

17:30 - 18:00 Welcome Drink & Registration
18:00 - 19:15 Session 1
19:15 - 19:30 Coffee Break
19:30 - 20:45 Session 2
20:45 - 21:00 Wrap up & Evaluation

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Trainer’s Biography
Dr. Ahmad Oueini is the President of Alphabete Learning Center for psychoeducational assessment, intervention and training in Lebanon. He has over 20 years of experience as university Associate professor of education and psychology as well as former Chairperson of the Department of Education. He has an MA in student advisement and orientation, a Master’s of Education (advanced masters) in psychological counseling, and a Doctorate in Education with concentration in psychological counseling as well as a post-doctorate (MA) respecialization in special education: ‘Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders.’ He is the author of two English textbooks for grades 11 and 12: ‘Insight’ and ‘Stepping Stones,’ and the author of several articles published in international refereed journals and book chapters on topics ranging from War and Stress, Effective Techniques of Motivating Students, Environmentalism, Career Counseling, Diglossia Problems, Learning Style and Dyslexia in Arabic. He is a Teacher Trainer on topics related to Anger Management, Decision-Making, Behavior Management, Using Humor in the Classroom and Increasing Child’s IQ. Dr. Oueini is active on the lecture circuit, addressing teachers and parents on topics such as Intelligence, School Failure, Learning Difficulties and Classroom Management. He is a certified tutor in LiPS (Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing program), Simultaneous Multisensory Teaching (Canadian Dyslexia Centre) and Dunn & Dunn Learning Style (New York). Dr. Oueini is the Senior Executive Trainer on topics related to education at LDN.

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