About us


Lebanese Center for International Studies

Contact Person: Marie Ghantous
Address: Kabbara bldg.,Central street, Tall, Tripoli
P.O. Box: None
Telephone: 03-74 92 92
Mobile: 03-74 92 92
Fax: 06-43 26 08
Website: None for the time being
The Lebanese Center of International Studies (LCIS) is a not-for-profit Association created under the Lebanese Law on Associations of 1909, by decision of its founding members on March 13, 2009, and registered at the Ministry of Interior under the number 8663, on May 8, 2009. LCIS is a scientific organization, working on promoting research and studies in International Relation, International Law and Political Science. It aims at improving higher education teaching in this field, and at increasing their role in Lebanon’s foreign relations and within public and private institutions.