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Contact Person: Rima Dinnawi
Address: Ein el mrayseh, Rustom Pasha Str.Beirut-Lebanon
P.O. Box: 11-2041Beirut, Lebanon
Telephone: ++9611367300
Mobile: ++9613409401
Fax: ++9611374256
Website: www.lebanonywca.org
The YWCA is one of the oldest organizations tending to women’s problems in Lebanon. It stands out for its training in volunteer team work and leadership roles as well as providing a forum for the exploration of new problems and issues and their possible resolution, with the rights and advancement of women remaining the focus of its concern. Since its primary aim has always been the service and development of the community by enhancing the conditions of women, a Center for Women in Crisis was established in February 2006, as a non- profit service for women. Since its inception, the Center managed to fulfill the following objectives: -Provide programs and services that respond to the needs of women. -Strengthen the capacity of women leaders at all levels to participate in decision- making and influence change. -Promote sustainable development including economic empowerment. -Expand opportunities for the exposure of women to community issues and their impact on society. -Fight and eliminate all forms of violence perpetrated against women. -Advocate laws, policies and practices that protect and promote the rights of women.